Fall 2022, Black Jaguar and Cougar Collection

Cosmetics brand Chantecaille are at the forefront of conservation and sustainability, cultivating a brand that prioritises philanthropy with partnerships giving back to the earth. Suitably, their latest Ubiquitous taxi campaign, in celebration of the launch of their Black Jaguar and Cougar collection is exclusively on our hybrid-electric SuperSides. Not only does the TXe offer more impacts to people, but also promises less impact to the earth—each one of our hybrid-electric taxis saves the carbon equivalent of a flight between London and Orlando each month.
Marketing Assistant, Chantecaille

Matilda The Musical

Sublimely Good Fun

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s multi-award-winning Matilda The Musical has taken over Ubiquitous taxis in this classic, impactful SuperSide campaign. In time for the Easter holiday break and as audiences return to life in the West End, taxis are the perfect accompaniment to existing OOH executions, allowing a new wave of musical lovers to make up for lost time.


The Way To Sell Your Car

Taking advantage of the unique creative opportunity afforded by taxis, Motorway included some clever contextual copy on the Liveries of this blended campaign, ensuring the brand awareness push catches the attention of bus passengers just as easily as it does street audiences.


Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara

“For the UK launch of Maybelline’s Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara, achieving wide reach in high footfall streets was amplified by the decision to keep these eye-catching taxis on the streets for three months. The slightly longer term campaign offered a cost effective solution, while maximising the iconic brand’s awareness on London’s iconic black cabs.”
Maybelline New York


The Good Times Sound Like This

Taxis have worked really well for our previous Bauer campaigns, and the client loves the format, so it was a no brainer to put on the plan for GHR! They delivered efficient reach which ensured we had strong visibility in London, plus the association between driving & tuning into a favourite radio station tied in really nicely with the campaign.


Green hydrogen can save us. But waiting for it won’t.

“We’re endeavouring to get across the fact that global warming is not a foregone conclusion. The idea of making people aware that there is a solution to global warming – you’d think would catch on like wildfire. In fact, for any brave new idea, it takes a truckload of work. It doesn’t happen by accident. This is like a boring, science-based, engineering-delivered solution to global warming. It needs help to get the message out.”
FFI Chairman

Pact Coffee

Make a Pact to Fix the Coffee Industry

"We wanted to reach as many Londoners as possible with an efficient budget - we know from our insights that these people are very likely to use taxis and public transport to get around the capital. Taxis were an integral part of the campaign, enabling us to get the extra reach and dwell time that we couldn't get with other media formats. And we were able to be contextual with the artwork. With the September return to the office, we couldn't have had better timing with the campaign!"



The Signatures Campaign

“Taxis were a crucial part of Reiss’ AW21 media mix, achieving a reach and frequency with a high impact format that we just couldn’t deliver in any other media. At a time when footfall has been unpredictable, a media channel that goes to where the people are is also invaluable.”
Marketing Director

Madeira Tourism

Hidden Places, I Know Where

“In a year of great challenges for the Tourism sector, and especially after being added to the green countries list, we felt London taxis were the perfect opportunity to increase destination awareness—and thus, a great match to the co-branding campaigns already in place with our main partners and stakeholders in the UK. Our campaign strapline, ‘Hidden Places, I know where.’ highlights the fact that Madeira still has a lot to offer… little gems to be discovered and experienced.”
Account Manager


10/10 in 10

"10/10 in 10 is focused on encapsulating everything we stand for as a brand and from a values perspective. 10/10 customer service, quality of the produce, the local brands, sustainability, rider employment all delivered in 10 minutes. This graphic, eyeball-grabbing concept was strategised to give a distinct point of difference to the consumer and leave the crowd of copy-cat platforms. Not just a big win, but a quick one too.”

UK Brand Marketing Manager