The taxi advertising audience

Route audience data tells us that taxi advertising is a city-centre medium, seen by people with city-centre lifestyles.

Route allows us to add evidence to the theory that taxis go to the high footfall, monied areas - meaning that taxi advertising is most likely to be seen by the people that brands most want to reach.

Indeed, taxis reach a more upmarket person than many other ‘broadcast OOH’ formats, such as bus advertising and 6-sheets (digital and classic), and can deliver much higher reach than other ‘premium’ formats, like large format DOOH and rail advertising.

Location, location, location

Our GPS analysis of taxi movement in London allows us to understand much more about the behaviour of taxi campaigns.

This data reveals that every month our taxis make more than half a million journeys through London’s West End, visit London termini train stations more than 900,000 times, make more than 210,000 trips through the Square Mile and make more than 1,000,000 journeys down London’s premier retail streets.

We know from Route data that taxis reach a lot of good quality people very cost-efficiently, but GPS provides added insight for brands that want to know about location and need to be able to answer the question, where have my taxis been?