Natural Paradise

“With this new campaign, we wanted to share the natural richness of Asturias with Londoners looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The astounding landscape of Asturias’ 6,500 ft. mountains, which are extremely close to the Asturian coastal line, is brought to life on the iconic London taxis and we believe that the contrast between the lush images of Asturias and in the powerful urban setting of London will help the “natural paradise” of the region truly stand out.”

JAC Vapour

Full Steam Ahead

“E-cigarettes are a piece of technology and like other gadgets, users should be primarily concerned with quality, performance and reliability. These are all values that are present in the London black taxi and so it made perfect sense to include them in our Outdoor plans.” The e-cigarette market has burgeoned in recent years and this campaign highlights that JAC Vapour is a one-stop-shop for both e-cigarette beginners and experienced vapers alike.”
Communications Director, JAC Vapour


The More Relaxed Activity Holiday

“Taxi advertising enables us to reach a hard-working professional audience across London, reminding them to take a break from their busy work lives and enjoy a ‘relaxed activity holiday’. Headwater Holidays offers activities from walking to cycling, ensuring there is something available to suit everyone. The unique shape of the London taxi enabled us to include more than one message on our creative and internal tip-seats allowed us to communicate with passengers on a more intimate level, throughout their journey.”
Managing Director, Headwater Holidays


Your Goals. Our Guidance

“We find that taxi advertising at this time of year adds extra impact and awareness to our End of Tax Year Campaign complementing our use of Press, Billboards, Online and Radio. Using your tax allowance has never been so important in a low interest rate environment and Fidelity Worldwide Investment uses the media to convey our expertise and breadth of investment know how.”
Marketing Director, Personal Investing, Fidelity Worldwide Investment


Your ISA needs Nutmeg

“The main objective of our campaign is to raise awareness of Nutmeg and the service we offer to a financially-minded and time-poor audience. The premium black taxis complemented the other media we ran, including tube and train advertising and internal taxi tip-seats allowed us to communicate with passengers throughout their journey, offering them the opportunity to upgrade their ISAs and benefit from reduced portfolio management fees – all via a special offer only available from”
CMO, Nutmeg


Rogue by Rihanna

“London taxis are a great way for us to reach consumers across the capital whilst they are out and about on the streets where retailers are stocking Rogue. We included internal tip-seats in the campaign which allowed us to further enhance our message to those travelling in the taxi, and branded receipts ensure the fragrance stayed front of mind, long after the journey had finished.”
Media Client Services Director

Just Eat

Don't Cook; Just Eat

“This campaign is a great way to engage with hungry Londoners on their way home. Just as you’re thinking what to have for dinner, you can jump in a JUST EAT cab and order a takeaway treat so easily and quickly that it could be waiting for you when you arrive. The campaign we are running with Ubiquitous with NFC enabled taxis supports our key message – to maximise customer convenience and enhance the takeaway experience.”
UK Head of Brand, Just Eat


A Taste of the Extraordinary

“Scotland is the home of Drambuie and so the city of Edinburgh is core to our marketing strategy. Our distinctive taxis enable us to place our brand in every corner of the capital in the lead up to Christmas and the iconic format provides us with the perfect opportunity to engage with a busy city audience, as well as cultural visitors and will hopefully attract a new generation of drinkers, not yet familiar with Drambuie.”
Marketing Manager, UK, Drambuie


The Taxi Magnet

“A Hailo hail is accepted in London every seven seconds and in the lead up to our two year anniversary we wanted to create some buzz around the app in one of the busiest city’s in the world. Having already carried over three million passengers in London alone, we wanted to raise awareness amongst those who are unfamiliar with the app and taxis provided us with the perfect platform to do this, reaching an audience ranging from businessmen to cultural visitors, in every corner of the city.”
Head of UK Marketing, Hailo


The Social Shopping Site

“London is one of the fashion capitals of the world and the iconic black taxi provided us with the perfect opportunity to reach out to a fashion-forward metropolitan audience, as well as tourists to the city, during London Fashion Week. CabConnect presented us with a unique opportunity to engage with these people whilst they were on the move, allowing them to explore the website and download the app to explore further in their own time.”
Marketing Director, Styloko