Blu eCigs

Flavours With Oomph!

“With this campaign we aimed to ensure that as many London smokers not only noticed our brand, but could also feel and experience it first-hand. Through gifting participating drivers who smoked Blu eCigs as well as creating an aroma makeover inside the taxis, we feel as though we have done just that. Taxis are a unique out of home format that enables us to create these types experiences and to showcase what this brand is all about to our audience.”
Senior Brand Manager, Blu


Brics Milano

“At Bric’s we believe life is a journey and we endeavour to make that journey beautiful with the addition of appealing and functional luggage. Working with Ubiquitous our aim is to provide a different type of beautiful journey around London in our fully branded livery taxis. We believe the campaign will present our message not only to the London public at large but to a very targeted customer who travels by taxi.”
Marketing Director, Pelham (Bric’s UK Distributor).

Spitfire Kentish Ale

Fly A Sptifire

The chance to fly a Spitfire is an experience that money can’t buy, and we are delighted to be able to offer such a special prize to our customers. Our London livery taxis will help to raise awareness of the competition and we hope will encourage the people of London to donate money to the RAF Benevolent Fund, of which we are a proud partner. In this significant anniversary year we aim to gain support for our fundraising and further support those helped by the charity.”

Spitfire Ale Brand Manager, Shephard Neame

La Compagnie

Fly Business To New York For Less

The iconic London taxi is a powerful media format – a great way to deliver our campaign simultaneously across many areas of the city. On taxis, our message will reach London’s business people, raising awareness of our 100% business class cabin, combined with low fares. Working hard on the streets of the city, the taxis will be seen and used by the target audience, creating curiosity and interest in our unique high-quality, low-cost offering.

Marketing Manager, La Compagnie


Welcome to Brazilian Territory

Our taxis have helped us to bring the bright and colourful spirit of Brazil to the streets of London, as the weather starts to heat up and Londoners want to free their toes and slip on some Havaianas! Whilst the cabs circulate London, the special-build ‘flip flop’ taxis have created social buzz online, extending the reach of our campaign and welcoming people of London and beyond, to ‘Brazilian Territory’!

Havaianas Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland



“We love our fleet of London cabs! They very visibly demonstrate our company growth and our evolution towards providing a service that’s relevant, convenient and with the lowest fares for both business and leisure travellers. Not only are the taxis placing the Ryanair brand in high-footfall areas in London, they are also providing a top quality service to an audience of busy commuters and business people.”
Media & Advertising Manager, Ryanair

Transport for London

IDAHOT - Ride with Pride

“We are incredibly proud to have helped bring London’s first rainbow taxi in service to the Capital’s roads, joining our fabulous rainbow Routemaster which has proved a huge hit with our customers. Having a traditional black cab, which is famous all over the world, wrapped in a rainbow flag shows what a truly diverse city we are.”
Chair, OUTbound

Miko Coffee

Miko Coffee

“Using taxis at the heart of our marketing strategy helps us to generate a real buzz for Freehand. By adding fun competitions with great prizes into the mix we’re engaging people socially and we’re also reaching a trade audience too, with VIP journeys and Festival taxi convoy; activity that is guaranteed to get people talking about Freehand long before they visit the Festival.”
Marketing Manager, Miko Coffee.


W1 - Washing Machine

“Taxi advertising complements our other targeted media because it infiltrates the streets along which the Miele target audience travel daily. The size and length of our campaign ensures excellent message coverage and frequency and delivers this in a way that is trusted, reliable and above all, premium.”
Category Manager, Miele.



“London Fashion Week is a vital time for our brand to achieve visibility in London and via taxi advertising we do just this, by being ever-present, 24/7 on London’s cosmopolitan streets. The iconic taxis, combined with our striking creative executions really catch the eye, ensuring we’ll achieve additional social media presence and remain front of mind amongst our target market.”
Head of Marketing, Coach Europe