Nuffield Health

How You Feel Tomorrow Starts Today

During the last year, Nuffield’s mission to build a healthier nation has become more essential than ever. Having played a vital role in helping the UK tackle the pandemic at home during lockdown, it was important to reach more people and continue to promote physical and mental wellbeing as we return to normalcy. Taxis provide an effortless way to target the areas of London frequented by audiences returning and readjusting.
Marketing Director


We have used Ubiquitous taxis a number of times before – we know that they drive high message frequency and are more likely to be seen by people who are actively interested in investing, and enables us to deliver our message throughout both cities where other forms of OOH media cannot reach. The taxis have the additional benefit of being a trusted form of public transport, which offers us the potential for a second hit target audience, via the internal tip-seat posters in each taxi.
Head of Marketing (UK)


Selfridges new brand experience

Besides the ability to generate city-centre audience reach, we chose taxi advertising because of the way in which we could use the cabs tactically to generate extra brand stand-out, create online buzz and transport our VIPs to the shop. With the assistance of the Ubiquitous team, in the streets around Selfridges we implemented taxi convoys, to put PANGAIA front of mind with people in proximity to store and to drive active awareness and online interaction we created a ‘spot the PANGAIA taxi’ competition on social media, using #PANGAIAtaxis and offering a chance to win a PANGAIA set.
Brand Specialist, PANGAIA

Intuit Quickbooks

That's tax taken care of.

Our taxis are delivering the perfect way to gain exposure to those returning to work – they easily adapt to new travel behaviours, so our ads are moving with the people, rather than relying on people returning to old habits. On top of this, it is great to see our brand next to hard working cabbies across the UK, helping business owners and workers get to work as safely as possible.
Principal Media Manager, Intuit Quickbooks


Card payments made easy with SumUp

“The hard-working nature of black cabs ensures our campaign will be seen in the areas of London where footfall is seeing positive signs of recovery, post-lockdown. Those people who are ‘getting busy being busy’ in London right now, are the people we most want to reach – this ethos is embodied by the cabbies themselves, who are infiltrating London’s busiest streets as they strive to make money; in doing so, they’re creating valuable message exposure for the Ryman / SumUp partnership.”
Head of Marketing, Ryman.

London Taxi PR

The Safest Way to Travel

The response to our taxi supersides campaign has been phenomenal. From individual drivers to fleet owners and businesses, not only in London but other cities across the UK. We are delighted that such a recognised name in the profession as Ubiquitous, has chosen not only to generously support the campaign, which is a tremendous endorsement and demonstration of unity, but also importantly to support London Taxi PR going forwards, by becoming a business contributor. This will help us to produce more campaigns such as this, and we look forward to working together, to not only further promote this safety campaign, but also other projects.”
London Taxi PR Director and founder

Avanade - Celebrating 20 years.


Our wrapped taxis helped to bring our 20th anniversary to life in an iconic manner. This was not only a great way to publicise our event to clients, but a stylish way to galvanise how proud everyone at Avanade feels about hitting the 20-year milestone
Marketing Lead Avanade UK & Ireland

California Walnuts

"Working with Ubiquitous on this campaign has been easy and efficient. We needed a quick turn around on this activity and the team were extremely helpful in ensuring this was achieved and the taxis were on the streets of London for the start of our campaign."

California Walnuts, UK


“It's so easy to set up a campaign with Ubiquitous and we'd recommend leaning on their experience when it comes to the creative execution as they know exactly what works best. Always get a little shot of an adrenaline when I see one of our cabs on the road.”

Marketing Manager, Klarna


Bulb Wraps 30 Electric Cabs

“At Bulb, we’re on a mission to help people save on their bills and reduce their emissions. We hope these cabs will get more people thinking about where they get their energy from. Switching to a renewable energy supplier is a quick and easy way to make a positive impact on the planet – we hope the cabs will encourage lots of people to do just that.”

Head of Growth, Bulb