“The taxis complement our other OOH formats by adding new touchpoints for those who see our rail and bus advertising, and reaching people who wouldn’t otherwise see our campaign. Everyone in London’s busy city centre is a potential customer for Jet2holidays, especially with the easytrain links to Stansted Airport, so we made sure to tempt them this winter with the sun of Costa Dorada, putting the message down every street using taxi advertising.”

Gatwick Express

Glide Non Stop

“We are really impressed with the impact that we have with these taxi wraps! They look stunning and are great for showcasing our new branding and introducing our Glide campaign. We chose to work with Ubiq to support the marketing we are doing to business and leisure customers in London. To help elaborate the new services that Gatwick Express can provide such as a new customer app, 10% off when you book online and free Wifi on board, we worked with Ubiquitous to put free Wifi in all of our taxis much to the delight of our passengers.”
Brand and Campaign Managers

Danone, Actimel

Actimel #StayStrong

“We are really proud to be working with Ubiq on our new Stay Strong campaign where we are encouraging people to feel strong and conquer their day ahead. Morning commuting can be stressful, so to make it a bit easier you can tweet @ActimelUK when you spot one of our branded taxis to receive a song from the Stay Strong Brothers band. Watch out for more treats as we roll out the 360 degree campaign which we are supporting with two TV adverts, OOH media, experiential events and sampling.”
Marketing Manager for Actimel

Gowling WLG

Legal expertise that's in tune with your world

“With this campaign we aimed to reinforce our brand image with Londoners, reaching people regularly and frequently taxis are the perfect out of home solution as they are seemingly omnipresent. The iconic black cab is a unique media format that allowed us to communicate our message clearly inside and outside of the taxi reaching the audience we desired in a premium way.”

Corporate Communications Manager

BBC Store

The largest collection of BBC shows ever!

“Wanting to target a broad audience, taxi advertising helped us reach a larger volume of people in a short time frame and are a key part of everyday London life. We feel the creative combined with the locations gives consumers the best possible understanding of the new service and a greater awareness of the BBC as a brand.”

Head of Brand Marketing, BBC Store


I'm getting paid on the move!

“There are more than 22,500 Black Cabs in London, offering a first class service throughout the capital. However, more people expect to be able to pay by card when they grab a cab, and are frustrated to find that many taxis don’t take cards. We hope to remedy this by working with Ubiquitous to make PayPal Here the choice of both London’s cabbies and passengers in 2016, giving people the option to pay via debit or credit card and by contactless card and mobile payments.”
Director of Mobile Commerce, PayPal UK


Feels Like NOTHING Else

“The iconic shoe brand UGG Australia is assuring their presence is kept front of mind of consumers throughout the busy holiday period by embracing traditional black cabs to stand out in key retail areas. Employed on SuperSides, tip seats and receipts the brand reaffirms their presence across major UK cities in a momentous retail time, where the stylised creative presents UGG Australia as the go-to-gifting brand for winter shoes both for him and her, while informing consumers of the location of their UGG Australia store.”
UGG Planner, M2M

Blu eCigs

Flavours With Oomph!

“With this campaign we aimed to ensure that as many London smokers not only noticed our brand, but could also feel and experience it first-hand. Through gifting participating drivers who smoked Blu eCigs as well as creating an aroma makeover inside the taxis, we feel as though we have done just that. Taxis are a unique out of home format that enables us to create these types experiences and to showcase what this brand is all about to our audience.”
Senior Brand Manager, Blu


Brics Milano

“At Bric’s we believe life is a journey and we endeavour to make that journey beautiful with the addition of appealing and functional luggage. Working with Ubiquitous our aim is to provide a different type of beautiful journey around London in our fully branded livery taxis. We believe the campaign will present our message not only to the London public at large but to a very targeted customer who travels by taxi.”
Marketing Director, Pelham (Bric’s UK Distributor).

Spitfire Kentish Ale

Fly A Sptifire

The chance to fly a Spitfire is an experience that money can’t buy, and we are delighted to be able to offer such a special prize to our customers. Our London livery taxis will help to raise awareness of the competition and we hope will encourage the people of London to donate money to the RAF Benevolent Fund, of which we are a proud partner. In this significant anniversary year we aim to gain support for our fundraising and further support those helped by the charity.”

Spitfire Ale Brand Manager, Shephard Neame