True Icons Don't Make Themselves.

‘The iconic black taxi, in combination with the iconic Reebok classic, builds a strong campaign that has outstanding context and will be delivered down all London streets, from the mainstream to the edgy. Our taxis place Reebok at the heart of Britain’s’ burgeoning capital metropolis, ensuring that our brand cuts through to achieve excellent reach.’

Reebok Classics UK


The Nicola Glass Collection

“Our spring campaign was an important milestone for us with the launch of Nicola Glass. Launching an intensive media campaign shot by Tim walker across traditional and digital media, we used taxis to showcase our brand symbol ‘the spade’. The spade features heavily in our new collection and we are pleased with how great it looks wrapping the taxis. We have a great close working relationship with Ubiquitous and the team are always on hand to ensure that campaigns are executed seamlessly.”

Senior Director of Marketing, kate spade new York



"It was crucial for us to feature all three models and products across the taxi space - the taxi SuperSides allowed us to showcase each model and product individually, whilst remaining part of the wider campaign. One of the benefits of working with Ubiquitous was their in-house creative service, which enabled us to mock up a variety of taxi executions in advance of committing to final artwork. Taxis are an unusual format, but the team at Ubiquitous are well equipped to provide an excellent impression of what our campaign would look like on the road, giving us confidence in the format and how good it would look. Being able to brand the interior tip seats and receipts, as well as trust the drivers to hand out samples, allowed us to maximise the entire taxi opportunity, which resulted in an outstanding brand engagement for people who experienced a M·A·C taxi."

Social Media & Advertising Manager, M-A-C Cosmetics UK & Ireland


Honk if you're hungry

“Our campaign is running across a variety of channels such as online, bus stops and London underground; but uniquely the taxis gave us the opportunity to extend reach above ground and around key London city centre locations. The bright red design really stands out on the street and helps us to promote the brand to people as they travel about their day and importantly, at a moment when they might be making snacking decisions.”

Marketing Manager, Popchips

Aberdeen Standard Investments

More Investment Solutions. One Focus. You.

“Within the context of this campaign, our taxis are ensuring that Aberdeen Standard Investments are able to deliver high reach of economically active people with busy, city centre lifestyles. The taxis complement our UK strategy by increasing frequency to the audience when they are away from their desks and out of reach of other targeted activity, such as printed and online trade press.”

Head of UK Marketing (Investments), Aberdeen Standard


Broad Street, Reading

Knowing how important transport around the city centre is in Reading we knew the best way for us to communicate our message to our members was though an OOH campaign and this time on taxis. Taxis are used heavily around Reading and are a really effective way to reach our audience. We made sure we could build on our message with multiple creatives and black taxis truly became a part of Nationwide.

Advertising Executive, Nationwide


Sip Back And Relax

“We are delighted to have partnered with the iconic and unmissable London black taxi to activate our “Well that’s refreshing” campaign on Volvic Touch of Fruit. This partnership has made our campaign even more visible and impactful to our London consumers and has been a truly refreshing addition!”
Volvic Brand Manager, Danone UK & Ireland


Investing For A Smarter Future

“These hybrid taxis are a small but valuable step forward in addressing London’s air quality and in creating a sustainable future. They are the perfect platform to launch our campaign as the vehicles themselves are a great example of the smarter future we’re aiming for. Our funds offer investors the opportunity to support innovative technologies that combine attractive returns with a more sustainable and responsible approach.”
Group Marketing Director, Foresight Group


Seriously, why not?

“We chose taxis to raise our brand awareness in London to target homeowners in a high impact way, the format really stands out and the coverage has been excellent. Ubiquitous have excelled at every step of the process”
Co-Founder, Yopa


New Flagship Store Now Open - 74 Regent Street

“We are thrilled to have the iconic London taxi showcasing our new Regent Street flagship. Just like this new store, the blend of bright colours are truly captivating. The design draws the consumer in to our brand and is sure to grab the attention of London citizens and touristic visitors.”

Senior Retail Marketing Officer, L'Occitane UK