Ambassador drivers

All brand event or experiential activity is undertaken by our team of hand-selected, highly trusted Ambassador Drivers.

Brand Ambassador Drivers are renowned for their polite manner, responsible attitude, reliability, smart appearance and their clean, well-maintained taxis.

Social media amplification

Why not call on our experienced PR & Events team to help amplify your taxi advertising across social media?

Their effective implementation of bespoke competition ideas such as Spot The Taxi, or free-ride competitions, are proven to drive feel-good reach via social media.

Our team will work with your PR and brand stakeholders to coordinate key messages, hashtags and social partners.

Location showcasing

Use your taxis to showcase your brand outside your event, headquarters or store opening.

Create on-street buzz amongst city-centre people and press.

Showcasing provides outstanding photo opportunities for PR and social media and is one the most popular ways for brands to turn heads in the most important locations.

Branded Taxi Convoys

A convoy of branded taxis is an impressive way to turn heads and create a unique photo opportunity.

Importantly, taxi convoys allow you to create brand stand-out in the heart of areas that are strategically important to you often where no other OOH media is available.

Our very experienced team can recommend the most efficient and high-impact way to use 3-5 of your branded taxis to maximum eye-catching effect.

Tailored routes are created to suit each brand.

VIP Rides

Transport VIP guests in the exclusive comfort of your iconic branded taxis.

VIP rides are commonly used for attending events, airport transfers and around-town chauffeuring.

Create the perfect photo opportunity for VIPs to share on social media.

Planning and logistics are fully managed by the Ubiquitous team.

Free Rides

Your taxis ply for hire in the normal way, but they don’t charge the passenger for the ride.

Passengers are delighted to find that, thanks to you, their taxi trip is free!

Ambassador Drivers are briefed to convey a bespoke message when they inform the passenger that there is no charge for the trip.

Passengers associate your brand with a positive experience.

Providing a free ride encourages recipients to share on social media, amplifying your campaign.

Product Sampling

Sampling is a valuable opportunity to deliver a brand-to-hand experience to new customers.

A free gift is a unique way to surprise and delight your target audience.

Product sampling activity is tailored to suit your campaign objectives.

Ambassador Drivers are provided with briefing sheets to ensure they are brand and product educated.

Special Build Taxis

Use the iconic black taxi as a platform for your bespoke special build idea.

Execute across 1-10 taxis, to truly turn heads in London.

Combine your taxis for a convoy or event showcase, for a unique photo opportunity.