PR Event

To help celebrate their arrival into the UK, J. Crew teamed up with Ubiquitous to bring ten eye-catching Liveries to London, for a one month campaign. 

Adding their American signature to a truly British icon, the brand’s UK launch became the talk of the town, in the lead up to Christmas 2013. As part of their stylish store opening, J. Crew cleverly utilised their branded taxis for a variety of PR activities, which added to the overall effect of the campaign. From showcasing to VIP journeys, all the stops were pulled to ensure their UK arrival was dominant.

The first element of their launch came in the form of an exclusive party, whereby an array of celebrity and style conscious guests was invited to have a first look at the Regent Street store. To add to their high class event, J. Crew turned to their branded taxis to offer VIP guests the opportunity to travel to the event in style. The taxis were not only gratefully received by their passengers, but also provided an excellent photo opportunity, as the VIP guests arrived at the event.

Following their exclusive party, J. Crew opened its doors to the public and their eye popping taxis were on hand once more, to add to the excitement around the launch. Not only did the taxis draw attention from curious passers-by, as they showcased outside of the store, but they were also on hand to offer cherished customers a free ride within Central London!

The free rides came as a great surprise to customers, who jumped at the chance to ride in their own J. Crew taxis. The generosity of the brand created a positive talking point, encouraging customers and passengers to log in to their social networking pages and share their great experience. Overall the taxis provided a strong addition to the buzz and excitement around the new store opening, and helped the client to associate their American brand with the Great British High Street.

Pandora returned to taxis this autumn with these stunning Liveries.

To promote the new Pandora Store opening on Oxford Street, ten taxis were branded for the event. On the evening of the store launch, eight of the taxis were booked to pick up VIP guests and take them to the exclusive Opening Party.

Celebrities such as Kelly Brook and Girls Aloud star Kimberly Walsh were amongst those in attendance. 5 of the beautiful taxis were also booked in the run up to the event to take Pandora staff to and from the new store in preparation for the party!

On Thursday 10th October, Carven hired 5 of their branded taxis in Manchester for a PR stunt to celebrate the launch of the luxury brand’s new fragrance. Hand-picked ambassador drivers were booked to pick up models and staff from the Premier Inn in Manchester Piccadilly and drop them off in Manchester City Centre for the event.

The drivers showcased their attractive taxis within the city centre whilst the models performed a catwalk through the shopping centre, carrying Carven bags containing the fragrance. Once the stunt was complete, the drivers dropped the models and PR staff back at the Premier Inn! 

During Spring/Summer London Fashion Week 2013, Spanx utilised their sleek British taxi, to take key journalists to various fashion shows. Each journalist had unique access to their own branded taxi throughout the day, which was ready and waiting to be used as desired.

The aptly named ‘Spanx rescue rides’, were a huge success with journalists, prompting them to share their branded taxi experience on social networking sites. Having VIP fashion journalists turn up to a variety of shows in Spanx taxi style encouraged them to socially share their taxi experience online. This enabled Spanx to be associated with London Fashion Week.

“We loved it, and Darren was fantastic we have had so much brilliant feedback on how great he was so please do pass on a massive thank you to him on behalf of myself and our team.” Lauren Matthews, Account Executive; EdenCancan

For the February 2013 opening of the new Saracens Rugby Club Stadium, Allianz Park, Allianz created four bright blue liveried taxis, to feature in London for eight months. The campaign aimed to directly engage Saracens supporters and to create a stronger bond between them, their club and Allianz.

Safe in the knowledge that the iconic taxi would play a significant part in their overall sponsorship promotion, Allianz decided to further leverage their taxi investment and increase brand awareness by implementing additional PR Event activities using the iconic vehicles.

One tactic was to create a Facebook competition, which ran in May 2013. It ingeniously combined sport with social networking by featuring a film of three of the club’s players filling an Allianz taxi with junior rugby balls. This competition to guess how many balls were in the taxi, was circulated by fans on Facebook, with one lucky school or youth rugby club winning all the balls for the sports facility, alongside a pair of tickets to the Premiership Final at Twickenham.

By implementing the taxi-led competition via social networking, Allianz were able to boost awareness and ‘talkability’ about their association with the Rugby Club, as well as to help inspire a younger generation to get involved in the sport.

Illustrious lip care manufacturer Carmex, teamed up with Ubiquitous to feature on taxis for the first time, bringing 5 bright and distinctive Liveries to the Capital for a three month winter campaign.

As a celebration of their 75th Anniversary, Carmex incorporated a twitter competition into their fun and quirky creative, which could be easily spotted on the figure of the iconic black taxi. With the knowledge that social media plays a key role in how consumers find and share brands, passengers and the general public were invited to tweet pictures of the exclusive taxis, for a chance to win sort after Carmex goodies.

The competition not only encouraged an increase in activity on their Twitter page, it also gave the campaign an extra edge, allowing the product to be the solution people turned to during a key seasonal period.

Farrah Gray, UK Communications Manager Carmex “London continues to be one of the most popular destinations for Christmas shoppers across the world, so capturing the attention of these consumers is a key focus for us. Both black cabs and the Carmex® brand are worldwide icons and the combination of the two will help our brand to dominate the streets with an instantly recognisable burst of colour.”

In October 2012, Bank Workers Charity teamed up with Ubiquitous to produce 3 light and bright liveries for a one year campaign. The charity turned to taxi advertising in its quest to intensify donation and increase the interventions they are able to make within the financial sector.

To help maximise their campaigns impact, BWC utilised one of their taxis in the Lord Mayors Show parade. Keeping their float simple for optimum effect, 30 walkers followed the positively connoted branded taxi. By using the taxi to this end, the Charity were able to capture the attention of the right audiences and have their name circulated in association with the event, as it hit national press.

Check Em Lads teamed up with Ubiquitous to run a superside campaign in the capital, in the run up to the charity’s 10th anniversary. Phil Morris, who started the Check Em Lads charity, campaigns for men to be pro-active about testicular cancer and his ethos remains the same as it did from the outset, “My aim in establishing Check em Lads was to find a way that was accessible, educational and supportive and importantly, informal”. The ingenious idea behind this campaign is to target, amongst others, male taxi drivers, with an awareness message that encourages drivers to ‘check ‘em’ on a regular basis.

The taxis were used for a professional photo shoot at Carnaby Street, featuring active supporters of the charity, drummer Steve White and radio presenter Ian Collins. Photos of the campaign were used on social networking sites to promote awareness about testicular cancer and the charity itself.

Crocs turned to taxi advertising, with an aim to get the shoppers of London to take a fresh look at their brand and witness how they have ‘evolved’ in their 10th Anniversary year. 10 joyfully outlandish Liveries with a ‘croc skin’ style were created for a one year campaign, illustrating how the brand has re-established itself as so much more than just the iconic clog.

As part of their attention grabbing strategy, Crocs included various promotional tools, to ensure their campaign was miles ahead on the road. From store locations and a Facebook link on their creative to discount incentives on the receipts, all the stops were pulled to achieve a successful edge.

PR elements were also incorporated into the campaign. Crocs chose to offer VIP journeys to their new pop up store and to hand out driver briefing sheets, giving the drivers the opportunity to be ‘brand ambassadors’. The sheets offered a solution to passenger questions and allowed the drivers to assist in the promotion of the product. An added encouragement for the drivers was also given in the form of a free pair of shoes and a set of sunglasses. Providing the drivers with knowledge and experience of the brand gave them an incentive to discuss the extensive range with their passengers and provide interested customers with the relevant information to entice them into store.

Michael Marshall-Clarke, European Marketing Director of Crocs “At Crocs we’re not afraid to break the mould or stand out in a crowd, so our unique crocodile taxi advertising fits well with this approach. In this, our 10th anniversary year, we believe through taxi advertising we will instantly capture the attention of a wide London audience and achieve fantastic, all-access visibility this summer and beyond.”

To celebrate Nokia’s Ovi Maps, a fleet of Ubiquitous Taxis has been unleashed on Birmingham, London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, offering fares for free.

Each special taxi has been fitted with a Nokia X6 handset so passengers could try out the Nokia Ovi Maps service and track their journey turn using the voice navigation system.

All of our taxi drivers were schooled in how to use the phones and one, Perry Julian, was also filmed for the day to show how effective the PR exercise was for Nokia. Nokia will also be running a viral campaign, based on the taxi based event.