As part of a multi-channel London OOH campaign focused on the new year period, KP used heavy-weight SuperSide taxis to promote their low-fat snack Popchips to city-centre Londoners. The campaign ran for 8 weeks with the taxi effect and awareness being measured by research consultancy, DRG.

Popchips wished to isolate the impact of the taxi campaign on their target audience of ABC1 25-44 year olds. We looked to DRG, experienced in measuring OOH media and taxis, to help answer questions about the taxi campaign awareness, product familiarity and likelihood of the audience to 'take action' having been exposed to the campaign.

“Our campaign is running across a variety of channels such as online, bus stops and London underground; but uniquely the taxis gave us the opportunity to extend reach above ground and around key London city centre locations. The bright red design really stands out on the street and helps us to promote the brand to people as they travel about their day and importantly, at a moment when they might be making snacking decisions.”
Marketing Manager, Popchips