Ubiquitous taxis played a key role in providing impetus for one of the most talked about PR campaigns of December 2011. With a focus on their new Brompton Road store opening, Tommy Hilfiger used 9 uniquely decorated Liveries solely for PR activity and promotion.

Starting with the creative, Tommy Hilfiger not only branded the taxis with their famous preppy style, they also added a festive flare in the form of illuminated bows. The bows, which were secured to the roof, meant the taxis gave the appearance of Christmas presents, turning the heads of intrigued passers-by.

The unique taxis were primarily used at the star-studded store opening, where a host of VIPs could share the taxi experience. Showcasing outside the stylish event and chauffeuring key guests to the exclusive Marks Club after party, the branded cabs were able to create optimum brand exposure.

Surrounding the main event, Tommy Hilfiger also chose to run a series of drive-bys in order to maintain hype. The taxis drove in convoy at key central locations, drawing the attention of Christmas shoppers to the new store. To further facilitate this, models were used to present a preppy girl and boy give-away from the back of the cabs. Giveaways and opportunities for a free ride home provided a successful addition to the whole Tommy Hilfiger experience.