How two leading cosmetics brands added that certain personal touch to their high-reach taxi advertising campaigns.


Botanical skincare and cosmetic specialist Chantecaille recently returned to taxi advertising to help promote their new Lip Cristal collection – every sale of which will see a tree planted in Kenya to help off-set C02 emissions and the effect of climate change on our planet. This ethical message is promoted strongly on both the exterior and interior of their taxis, alongside a beautiful creative that shows polar bears – one of many of Earth’s creatures suffering through climate change – amongst hues inspired by the glacial environment. Quite an unusual angle for a beauty brand to take.

So why do this and why use taxis to promote it? Well in June 2018 Alex and Philippe Chantecaille travelled to the North Pole with The Perfect World Foundation and experienced an intrepid journey into nature and a deep education into the mounting crisis of global warming. They returned from their polar journey committed to find a way to inspire action and change and have used the city-centre reach of their taxi advertising to do so. 

To further promote this great idea (and their new lipstick), Chantecaille harnessed the combined power of the iconic black taxi and social media, by hosting an event at the Savile Club in Mayfair, at which one of their taxis had its interior transformed from practical grey upholstery into a beautiful botanical winter environment. The taxi was on hand to transport VIP guests to and from the event and the unique interior encouraged guests to take to Instagram, to share the beautiful taxi and its environmental message.


Make-up brand M·A·C have hit the streets with a multi-creative SuperSide taxi campaign in London, Manchester and Birmingham. With the aim of dominating the city centres, the brand for all ages, all races and all genders created the #MEETYOURMATTE campaign, focused around three different matte lipstick textures.

For those that don’t know, M·A·C is a proud and prominent supporter of London fashion and when taxi advertising is booked to run concurrently, they often leverage their investment to promote the brand at London Fashion Week.This year was no different and saw M·A·C use two of their taxis for VIP transport during LFW events, providing a bespoke branded service that kept M·A·C front of mind with the social influencers and bloggers enjoying the rides.

To bring the brand to consumers, in addition to the huge audience reach achieved by the taxi campaign, M·A·C were able to harness the unique brand-to-hand opportunity presented by the taxi drivers; our hand-picked ambassador cabbies were able to hand out product samples to female passengers during LFW, allowing them to try the product for themselves, see all the shades on offer and walk away from their taxi ride with a positive brand experience.