Hot on the heels of the release of Bad Idea, Right? singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo took a refreshing approach to get fans excited for the upcoming release of her sophomore album GUTS.

Creating a uniquely London experience Olivia brought her music directly to the streets. A purple-wrapped taxi served as her mobile studio, catching the eyes of dedicated fans and curious passersby. This unconventional idea not only promoted her album but also engaged with people on a personal level.

A highlight of the tour taking to TikTok to share a performance of the single from the back of a Ubiquitous taxi The video gained over 1 million likes and reached more than 5.5 million viewers. This Social element extended the taxi’s reach beyond the streets of London, enabling fans worldwide to share in the excitement.

The destination of Olivia's taxi tour was an exclusive secret gig for fans at the Hawley Arms in Camden.

Olivia Rodrigo's taxi tour success was a result of collaboration among Universal Music Group, Polydor Records, Havas Entertainment, Talon, Ubiquitous Taxis and the artist herself. Olivia Rodrigo's London taxi tour demonstrated that artists can still find new and personal ways to engage with their fans as well as share to a global audience.