From 1st – 24th December 2016, one limited edition Mr Porter taxi was stocked fuller than Santa's sleigh with Christmas gift delights!

Surprising one lucky passenger every day, the Mr Porter taxi driver presented a free, beautifully wrapped gift to a lucky passenger, at the end of their taxi journey.

Accompanied by the spoken message “as it’s the season of goodwill, Mr Porter are giving away exclusive gifts to exclusive passengers, today you are that special customer", Mr Porter's taxi driver helped to sperad some high-quality Christmas cheer across the Capital.

Ubiquitous ensured that the cabbie was 'brand educated' beforehand, including a face to face briefing in which the driver was enlighted about the brand's target audeince. This allowed him to gain a wider understanding of who each gift was suitable for, ensuring that Mr Porter's brand experience was delivered to the right type of person.

With premium goodies including, a Gucci card holder, cashmere scarf, Master & Dynamic headphones and a Kingsman tie, Mr Porter really did make their passengers feel lucky!