To encourage Londoners to "Take Pleasure Seriously," Magnum opened the doors of their annual pop-up pleasure store in the hot Summer of 2018.

Located on King's Road, the Magnum Pleasure Store invited guests to indulge their passion for luxury ice cream by creating their very own Magnum. Incorporating a Chef’s table, dipping station and photo-booths, the immersive experience encouraged participants to share their creations online, socially.

Maximising brand presence, Magnum arrange for their five golden wrapped taxis to drive in convoy around specific city-centre areas, creating unique brand stand-out in key locations. The eye-catching taxi turned heads and raised awareness of the nearness of the pop-up stores.

After completing their convoy route, the five golden taxis were used to transport VIP guests from their homes to an exclusive pop-up opening party. Live-streaming key moments and photographing their arrival, the VIP’s were quick to share their exclusive Magnum experience online to their many followers.