Foresight Group LLP (“Foresight”), a leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager, has leveraged its environmental credentials to advertise on a fleet of London’s new electric taxis.

The taxis, secured with taxi advertising experts Ubiquitous, have been wrapped for 12 months, and form part of an integrated campaign that runs across digital, print and out-of-home platforms emphasising Foresight’s commitment to investing for a smarter future.

As a leading clean energy investor, Foresight has a portfolio of over 150 clean energy investments in solar, wind, battery storage and waste to energy plants, which between them generate over 1.4GW of clean energy, enough to power more than 600,000 households. The campaign will highlight areas where Foresight’s investments are helping create a smarter future: investment into smaller UK companies across the regions; projects that turn landfill into renewable energy; solar plants that help power industry with up to 100% clean energy; and innovative funding for the rollout of smart meters.

Foresight's Group Marketing Director, said: “These hybrid taxis are a small but valuable step forward in addressing London’s air quality and in creating a sustainable future. They are the perfect platform to launch our campaign as the vehicles themselves are a great example of the smarter future we’re aiming for. Our funds offer investors the opportunity to support innovative technologies that combine attractive returns with a more sustainable and responsible approach.”

On Foresight’s innovative taxi investment, Andrew Barnett, Managing Director of Ubiquitous commented: ”Foresight were quick to realise the brand potential of London’s new hybrid black cabs and not only from a green credentials point of view; these smart new vehicles are really turning heads in London for their larger size, enhanced passenger experience and innovative technology.”

Foresight partnered with creative agency AML and media buyers Ptarmigan and Talon Outdoor on the campaign.