Image: Moët & Chandon taxis, Moët & Chandon Champagne Bar at Harrods

Firefly, the next-gen mobility advertising solution with best-in-class digital car top and in-car screens, announced today that it has officially expanded into international markets with the acquisition of London-based out-of-home company Ubiquitous, leading provider of UK taxi advertising throughout the main Cities in the UK.

Speaking to Firefly’s continued mission of democratising mobility through advertising in the digital-out-of-home (DOOH) industry, Kaan Gunay, Co-Founder and CEO of Firefly says, “We are very pleased to expand our international footprint. We have been a disruptor since our launch in 2017, and we expect to continue that trajectory going forward.” Ubiquitous is the UK market leader in taxi advertising with a 40-year history. The company has experienced strong growth post pandemic as commuter and tourist travel has returned. OOH advertising remains as popular as ever and can be seen in the quality of the customer base that Ubiquitous enjoys.

“Ubiquitous has historically focused on using data analytics and technology to help improve customer advertising effectiveness and so the opportunity to accelerate digital transformation in partnership with Firefly makes sense on multiple levels,” said Andrew Barnett, Founder and CEO of Ubiquitous. “Our mission is to use advertising in a smart way to understand real-world behaviour, and we know that with Firefly we will be able to continue that vision and take it to the next level. It has been fun and rewarding to build a business for the second time, thanks in large part to the amazing efforts of my wonderful team, but now is the right moment to take things to the next stage. We are excited to partner with Firefly to grow Ubiquitous and Firefly’s global footprint together.” Firefly acquired Strong Outdoor in 2020 and Curb Taxi Media in 2021 and now operates in twelve U.S. markets, as well as ad hoc pop-up markets for specific client needs or campaigns.

Launching the first-ever mobile hologram in 2020, Firefly’s award-winning campaigns create buzz and generate impressions online and at the street level. In addition to digital car tops, the company has expanded its suite of products and solutions for advertisers in the last year, including experiential marketing, vehicle wraps, and programmatic opportunities, as well as Firefly En Route™, an in-car tablet.

Firefly also announced a partnership with Hyundai in April 2022, which encouraged EV adoption among rideshare fleets and drivers. For more information about Firefly, please visit