Ubiquitous, the largest operator in the UK’s taxi advertising industry, can today announce that after two years of negotiations, they have successfully persuaded Edinburgh City Council to overhaul the regulations that govern taxi advertising in the city.

Lengthy approval processes, coupled with the requirement to pay council fees, have discouraged many brands from investing in taxis in Edinburgh. As such, since February 2012 Ubiquitous has lobbied the authority to review its regulations and apply the same rules to taxi advertising as other outdoor advertising channels. This success means that from January 1st 2014, it will no longer be necessary to obtain Council approval for individual taxi campaigns in Edinburgh or to make additional payments for each taxi posted, bringing down the barriers to entry for advertisers and increasing revenue opportunities for taxi drivers.

Andrew Barnett, Managing Director, Ubiquitous commented: “Edinburgh is a key market for many of our clients and we have long held a desire for them to be able to run a campaign in the city with the same ease as they do in London, but the regulations enforced by the Council have prevented this. Today we are pleased to announce that our lobbying investment and efforts have paid off and it will no longer be necessary for our clients to allocate additional time and money in order to run taxi advertising in Edinburgh.”