Crocs turned to taxi advertising, with an aim to get the shoppers of London to take a fresh look at their brand and witness how they have ‘evolved’ in their 10th Anniversary year. 10 joyfully outlandish Liveries with a ‘croc skin’ style were created for a one year campaign, illustrating how the brand has re-established itself as so much more than just the iconic clog.

As part of their attention grabbing strategy, Crocs included various promotional tools, to ensure their campaign was miles ahead on the road. From store locations and a Facebook link on their creative to discount incentives on the receipts, all the stops were pulled to achieve a successful edge.

PR elements were also incorporated into the campaign. Crocs chose to offer VIP journeys to their new pop up store and to hand out driver briefing sheets, giving the drivers the opportunity to be ‘brand ambassadors’. The sheets offered a solution to passenger questions and allowed the drivers to assist in the promotion of the product. An added encouragement for the drivers was also given in the form of a free pair of shoes and a set of sunglasses. Providing the drivers with knowledge and experience of the brand gave them an incentive to discuss the extensive range with their passengers and provide interested customers with the relevant information to entice them into store.

Michael Marshall-Clarke, European Marketing Director of Crocs “At Crocs we’re not afraid to break the mould or stand out in a crowd, so our unique crocodile taxi advertising fits well with this approach. In this, our 10th anniversary year, we believe through taxi advertising we will instantly capture the attention of a wide London audience and achieve fantastic, all-access visibility this summer and beyond.”