Perhaps because of its immediate and personal nature, it’s not surprising that remote (mobile/online) is the fastest growing sector for the UK gambling industry. Not only are experienced sports-betting fans speculating via their mobiles, but the user-friendly nature of the apps is attracting novice betters too. Simply put, sport-betting apps are making it much easier for people to have a quick punt. Remote gambling in the UK generated £2.44 billion in 2014; this is close to a 20% growth year on year – impressive! In 2014, according to Mintel, the percentage of UK customers betting on a mobile device was 43%. The big trend in the next 12 months will be customer loyalty; as the Point of Consumption regulation dampens the volume and frequency of promotional offers, maintaining spend from a responsive customer base will be vital in order for remote operators to maintain ‘share of wallet’. Amongst the Greater London taxi advertising audience there is a core who are earning and working, namely the 25-54 ABC1 adults. If we look more closely at the gamers amongst this audience, more than 50% state that they regularly bet on sport, betting once a week or more; they are also 70% more likely than the average person to be using gambling apps – 66% more likely to be using a mobile bookmaker. Football is their preferred sport, although the taxi advertising audience are also 45% more likely to bet on cricket regularly, or boxing regularly (112%) and even greyhound racing (139% more likely). Interestingly this betting audience is twice as likely to agree that they like to take risks, which is perhaps indicative of the fact they are 41% more likely to agree that they are optimists! So here is an audience of regular punters who have money to spend and already use gambling or bookmaking apps; the very audience that, in the coming seasons, bookmakers will be looking to grow revenues from. In London this audience is delivered in its thousands by taxi advertising; a medium-weight (350) taxi campaign across 8 weeks will reach over 2 million 25-54 ABC1 London adults this summer, achieving more than 33m campaign impacts. Additionally, the campaign will reach over 700,000 London-bound commuters, travelling into the capital to work and socialise. On average they will see the campaign twice a week across the 8-week period – great frequency! Taxi advertising is a classic urban media opportunity, reaching people who are in London to earn and spend money. London’s black taxis follow the money, travelling between business, retail and leisure centres 24/7. They are one of the most efficient London media formats in terms of both reach and profile of audience, plus they’re proven to have helped brands to both acquire and retain customers. Let’s not forget the audience inside the taxis too. They tend to be AB, high earners who have their phones out the instant they get in the taxi! Their journey will be an average of 20 minutes, during which the in-taxi tip-seat posters are delivering that sought-after one-to-one customer engagement. Here’s an interesting tip for gambling clients - this year, Ubiquitous is installing beacons in taxis; an innovative way for app brands to re-engage this valuable audience during the journey. To see how this iconic format can work hard for your app or website, and to find out more about taxi beacons, just get in touch with us. Sources: Mobile Gambling Intelligence Report, 2015. Online Gambling and Betting, Mintel 2014. GB TGI 2016 Q1. Route 18.01.