With the Actimel, #StayStrong campaign we helped to reposition the brand with a new global platform around ‘positive resilience’ to a younger, more upmarket audience.

Building on the core USP of the product, immunity resilience, Danone identified that one of the key problems around the brand was the fact that it wasn’t visible enough, so 20 branded taxis were used to generate brand stand-out and social sharing.

The 20 branded taxis were out in force in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool & Manchester, offering little bursts of positivity and resilience to consumers in their moments of need. Actimel used their taxis to surprise and delight the public with a free taxi during their morning commute, ranking-up at key mainline stations from 7am. Although hailed as usual by the public, once on-board, passengers were surprised by cabbies with news that their journey was going to free! 

Each driver was asked to impart the messafe,  “to help you stay strong, Actimel are offering you this journey free of charge

The taxis in London were also armed with a selection of Actimel bottles to distribute to their passengers, with a handy leaflet to explain the benefits of the product.

The kind gesture made consumers associate a positive experience with the brand and many turned to social media to share their experience.

The drivers feedback included: “I’ve got some great reactions from my passengers, with many of them saying they will go and purchase some Actimel!” “I just took a lady to visit her husband in hospital. She lives far away, so the free ride really made her day”