Case Study: Vodafone - London's Calling

Campaign Details

Vodafone wrapped 1,000 London taxis in a union flag design and installed each with a unique mobile phone charger. By the spring of 2012, the campaign was established as an iconic and dominant presence in the city and Vodafone had created an emotional connection with a local audience in a way that was established, trusted and iconic.

Target Audience

All people in London who needed to keep connected while on the move.

Campaign Goal & Results

Vodafone’s goal was to create loyalty, affinity and positive brand experience by keeping Londoners connected, whilst on the move. At launch, the campaign was immediately featured in 41 press articles and even the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, spoke about the impact of the campaign on London. A quarterly campaign awareness programmed sampled 1,000 Londoners with each wave recording the response to the campaign and the positive impact it is having on the Vodafone brand.


“Our eye-catching cabs have been a real hit with passengers since we introduced them last year. The union jack design is a great addition to the capital’s streets and the phone charging kit we have installed in the vehicle means passengers know they will be able to give their phones a power boost when they hail one of our cabs. These small things can mean the world to people and are just one of the services that we have introduced to keep people confidently connected on the go.”

Danielle Crook, Director of Brand Marketing, Vodafone UK