Campaign of the Moment

Aug 2017


Cointreau Fizz
  • Orange liqueur Cointreau, has implemented a SuperSide and Livery taxi campaign as part of their multichannel activity in London, which combines social and digital video with out of home formats including taxis, underground and roadside 6-sheets. The creative featured Cointreau’s summertime signature serve, the Cointreau Fizz; a premium experience to be shared. The modern day cocktail, that is easy to make, enjoyable and easy to share with friends for summertime drinks.

  • As part of a wider campaign, the taxis played a key role in keeping the brand front of mind on city centre streets, reaching socially active consumers in the heart of entertainment hotspots such as Soho, Covent Garden and Shoreditch. The taxis bright and summery creative charmed their way through London in style and we loved them. Always professional-looking this was a very unique format that allowed us to stand out on the streets of the ever-busy city centre.

    Jenia Matthews Marketing Manager, Remy Cointreau

Aug 2017


Destination Westfield
  • Flagship retail destination Westfield created these brightly coloured Liveries & SuperSides in the build-up to and across the start of the Summer Holidays, to publicise the free Bompas & Parr pop-up adventure, Future Forest. The unique installation invited us to learn about the relationship between humans and nature with the Future Forest project: a playground themed around urban reforestation.

  • We are really pleased with the look of the taxis for our Summer campaign, booked with Ubiquitous. It was important for us to raise awareness of Westfield and to attract families during the busy Summer holiday period, whilst promoting our Future Forest events. We're happy that this campaign, and in particularly the full taxi wraps, which provided fantastic impact on the streets of London.

    Natalie Burt Marketing Manager, Westfield

Jun 2017


Something Better
  • Award winning Global e-cigarette brand blu, returned to taxi advertising this month as part of a multi-platform campaign which also included Bus T-Sides, digital screens and 6 sheets. The aim of the campaign is another positive step in establishing blu as a lifestyle brand and to drive home the idea that there is an alternative choice and ‘something better’ than smoking. Both the SuperSide and the Livery taxis led with an eye-catching and bold creative, which targeted 25 – 44 year old smokers in the city centre.

  • “The taxis have been a valuable and cost effective way of reaching our London audience with great campaign frequency. The fact that they’re on the streets where our target audience are working, shopping and socialising, enables us to reach them in ‘the moment’ and get our positive message out to them.”

    Patrick Van Schie VP Marketing Activation Europe

Apr 2017


Expenses. Travel. Invoice.
  • Concur activated a multi-touchpoint campaign incorporating digital audio, OOH, radio and mobile display, all of which was cleverly integrated, allowing for a personal feel to the campaign. A vital part of the activity involves Concur’s fleet of branded London taxis offering free journeys between eight and nine AM, or to and from key events. When no events are taking place, the taxis managed by Ubiquitous, will start the free passenger hour from strategically important business locations such as Canary Wharf and Old Street. Meshh technology is being used to deliver free WiFi, with a branded landing page within the taxis – a media first, not only for a B2B client.

  • “To keep our SMB business on a growth trajectory YoY we’re always innovating in the way we reach our target audience and drive this through to sales. Our taxi campaign with Ubiquitous targets SMB business and finance decision-makers, who are incredibly busy and always on the go, thinking about how to save the business money and prepare for growth. This campaign shows how Concur makes life easier by removing process headaches for them as well as their business travellers.”

    Jenny Thornton UK SMB Field Marketing Director, Concur

Feb 2017


  • As the UK’s third-largest holiday operator, Jet2holidays’ packages are more popular than ever. To reach their core target audience of busy city-centre people who have easy transport links to Stanstead Airport and complement other London OOH activity, Jet2holidays worked with Ubiquitous to create a taxi advertising campaign that could truly infiltrate London’s busiest streets. Rationale for the addition of taxis to the media plan was made using Route data, which successfully demonstrated the large audience reach and cost effectiveness achieved via the taxis.

  • The taxis complement our other OOH formats by adding new touchpoints for those who see our rail and bus advertising, and reaching people who wouldn’t otherwise see our campaign. Everyone in London’s busy city centre is a potential customer for Jet2holidays, especially with the easytrain links to Stansted Airport, so we made sure to tempt them this winter with the sun of Costa Dorada, putting the message down every street using taxi advertising.

    Jet2 Commented

Jul 2016

Gatwick Express

Glide Non Stop
  • Gatwick Express is to see the first major changes in many years in 2016, new and more suitable trains for airport travel, better time tabling for easy departures, efficient ways to pay and much more. Wrapping all of these benefits up into a new brand to get the maximum impact and cut-through with consumers and to show why the premium fare represents good value. The new brand has a distinct point of view: cool, calm, connected and the new campaign ‘Glide’ needed to visually deliver this. Glide is all about smooth journeys to the airport while selling the benefits of the trains. Taxis were the perfect solution and allowed Gatwick Express to reach time conscious, business men and women in the city centre who travel regularly.

  • 'We are really impressed with the impact that we have with these taxi wraps! They look stunning and are great for showcasing our new branding and introducing our Glide campaign. We chose to work with Ubiq to support the marketing we are doing to business and leisure customers in London. To help elaborate the new services that Gatwick Express can provide such as a new customer app, 10% off when you book online and free Wifi on board, we worked with Ubiquitous to put free Wifi in all of our taxis much to the delight of our passengers.'

    Chris Lund and Hannah Shackcloth Brand and Campaign Managers

Apr 2016

Danone, Actimel

Actimel #StayStrong
  • With the Actimel, #StayStrong, campaign we had to reposition the brand with a new global platform around ‘positive resilience’ to a younger, more upmarket audience. We identified that one of the key problems around the brand was the fact that it wasn’t visible enough. With 96% of consumption in the home, few people saw the brand in their daily lives.
    In an effort to normalise Actimel as a daily, morning habit we wanted to dominate the commuter environment and offer little bursts of positivity and resilience to consumers in their moments of need – driving visibility when it mattered most.
    Wrapped taxis enabled us to drive brand visibility in the commuter space and the tactical offer of free rides for a day allowed us to bring a positive lift to the morning journey and encourage conversation online.

  • “We are really proud to be working with Ubiq on our new Stay Strong campaign where we are encouraging people to feel strong and conquer their day ahead. Morning commuting can be stressful, so to make it a bit easier you can tweet @ActimelUK when you spot one of our branded taxis to receive a song from the Stay Strong Brothers band. Watch out for more treats as we roll out the 360 degree campaign which we are supporting with two TV adverts, OOH media, experiential events and sampling.”

    Cynthia Finke Marketing Manager for Actimel

Mar 2016

Gowling WLG

Legal expertise that's in tune with your world
  • International law firm, Gowling WLG, is a successfully evolving company that has a reputation for innovations in client-focused service delivery. Continually growing, they wanted to build audience/customer rapport for their brand whilst adapting from Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co into Gowlings WLG. It was important to effectively convey the company ethos and the brand image, to Londoners so they teamed up with Ubiquitous to create a campaign that stormed the streets with colourful SuperSides. Reaching people frequently, taxis were able to build abundant brand awareness with ABC1 Londoners and worked in unity with Gowling WLG’s strategy.

  • With this campaign we aimed to reinforce our brand image with Londoners, reaching people regularly and frequently taxis are the perfect out of home solution as they are seemingly omnipresent. The iconic black cab is a unique media format that allowed us to communicate our message clearly inside and outside of the taxi reaching the audience we desired in a premium way.

    Dawn Beddard Corporate Communications Manager

Feb 2016

BBC Store

The largest collection of BBC shows ever!
  • BBC Worldwide has chosen taxi advertising as part of a campaign to introduce the arrival of their new digital service BBC Store - holding 'The largest collection of BBC shows ever’ to buy, download and keep. Knowing that London commuters are time restricted, BBC have created a forum for them to watch TV, the way they want, when they want it. To extend their reach even further, the BBC have included other forms of media such as rail and tube which creates an omnipresent feeling for daily commuters during the campaign.

  • Wanting to target a broad audience, taxi advertising helped us reach a larger volume of people in a short time frame and are a key part of everyday London life. We feel the creative combined with the locations gives consumers the best possible understanding of the new service and a greater awareness of the BBC as a brand.

    Simi Murthy, Head of Brand Marketing, BBC Store

Jan 2016


I'm getting paid on the move!
  • From January to March, if you’re in London and hopping into a Black Cab, there is a growing likelihood that you will be able to pay for your ride with a debit or credit card or even with Apple Pay, using PayPal’s NFC enabled Chip and PIN card reader, called PayPal Here. PayPal's taxi campaign is primarily aimed at London taxi drivers, to alert them to the availability of Paypal Here, ahead of card payment being mandated in all London taxis from Oct 2016. Taxi advertising enables Paypal to reach cabbies in a manner that's relevant and also highly visible to them 24/7.

  • “There are more than 22,500 Black Cabs in London, offering a first class service throughout the capital. However, more people expect to be able to pay by card when they grab a cab, and are frustrated to find that many taxis don’t take cards. We hope to remedy this by working with Ubiquitous to make PayPal Here the choice of both London’s cabbies and passengers in 2016, giving people the option to pay via debit or credit card and by contactless card and mobile payments.”

    Rob Harper Director of Mobile Commerce, PayPal UK