Location-rich taxis

We offer taxi advertising with GPS, meaning we can deliver a much deeper level of accountability to advertisers about where their campaign has been in London.

Using location-rich taxis, we help brands to understand how often their taxis visit areas or locations that are strategically important.

For example, we are able to tell retail brands how frequently their campaign appeared in-proximity to stores or for travel brands, how often taxis called at train stations or airports.

Points and zones of interest can be tailored to suit each brand.

Mobile retargeting

Because we know where taxi advertising with GPS goes in London, our mobile partner can use that data to locate the target audience exposed to the taxis.

This strategic mobile partnership allows brands to retarget the people who see taxi advertising, with mobile advertising campaigns.

Our case studies prove that those people who are exposed to the taxis and then retargeted with mobile have a higher likelihood of interacting or purchasing.