London – a city where traditional British pubs and world class cocktail bars can be found side by side and where the cosmopolitan audience have all night drinking on their doorstep. You would think that alcohol drinking trends in the capital would be on the up, but a recent survey has revealed that many young Londoners are in fact teetotal. The proportion of 16-24s who do not drink increased by more than 40% between 2005 and 2013 and today one in five is teetotal, having a greater personal focus on living a healthier lifestyle than those in the generations that have gone before them. The trend towards healthier drinking is not restricted to alcohol either; the audience in London is embracing the ‘sugar free’ age and bottled water sales are steadily climbing. The challenge of course, is creating brand marketing that stands out in the crowded London market. In terms of audience, taxi advertising delivers the opportunity to reach 60% of 18-24 ABC1 Londoners this summer. Just 250 SuperSide taxis for eight weeks will deliver an average of 12 brand impacts per young adult reached; this kind of frequency goes a long way to keeping a brand front-of-mind amongst an audience who are consuming waters and soft drinks regularly. The London adult ABC1 audience, who also see taxi advertising regularly, are almost twice as likely than the average person to drink premium waters, soft drinks and herbal drinks more than once a week. More than 50% claim to be drinking bottled water once a day or more – people who see taxi advertising are an ‘outdoor and active’ audience, and apparently they are a thirsty bunch too! One third of our taxi audience is reaching for the fruit and vegetable drinks once a week. In terms of traditional fizzy soft drinks, the London taxi advertising audience is almost 1.5 times more likely than the average to reach for diet/low calorie or sugar-free variants. More than half of Londoners who agree that they really do look after their health have seen taxi advertising in the last seven days. To cut-through to this audience, in a way that reaches new people daily, requires a hard-working and cost effective format that is relevant to audience lifestyle. Taxi advertising delivers millions of brand impacts amongst London’s urbanites every month, in key areas where they are earning and spending money – people who are, (importantly), making regular decisions about what to buy for themselves and the household. Brand awareness and familiarity drives sales; taxi advertising drives awareness. Why not talk to us about making your brand visible on London’s streets this summer. Sources: ONS, GB TGI, Route.