Spanish fashion house, Loewe used branded taxis to create a visually stunning dual-purpose campaign that would promote the opening of their new London concept store and also celebrate Loewe’s third collection with the legendary Ibiza boutique, Paula’s. The aptly named CASA Loewe was represented on the streets of London through beautifully wrapped Livery taxis, using flamboyant prints to capture the attention of a cosmopolitan city-centre audience.

One of the unique advantages of taxi advertising is that brands can easily use their taxi for live events and showcasing, which is exactly what Loewe did throughout the store-opening week. The brand strategically placed their taxis outside the new store entrance and also asked the cabbies to dominate the vicinity by driving down New Bond Street and the surrounding areas, where desirable people were shopping and would be sure to notice the eye-catching taxis. The beautiful taxis were also used at the exclusive launch event, to which Loewe had invited an array of celebrities and fashion influencers. Guests were generously provided with branded taxi transportation from home or hotel to the flagship store, and to show their thanks they took to social media platforms to share images of their stylish taxis.

To ensure that the ambassador drivers were ‘on brand’, Loewe provided them with briefing sheets about the new store opening and the collaborations with Paula’s; an initiative that we recommend to help the drivers to correctly impact facts about the brand to passengers, should they ask.