On January 19, 2015, otherwise known as ‘Blue Monday’ Fitness First joined forces with Ubiquitous to turn the day red. Targeting Londoners who need a bit more encouragement to get them into the gym, the Health & Fitness gurus used their taxis to provide stress free journeys to their clubs on the official “most depressing day of the year”.

During Red Monday, the Fitness First taxis circled 3 central gyms & picked up members of the public who ordered their free ride through the #redmondayff hashtag. Operating pickups & drop offs within a one mile radius the red taxis were on hand to transport fitness seekers in style. Passengers were even further surprised when they were joined by a special guest on board (Victoria Pendleton, Fitness First Personal Trainers & Max Whitlock) sharing fitness tips and motivational psychology advice.

On top of the free rides, Fitness First utilised one of their taxis for on-board press interviews at various media houses alongside the free journeys. Using the platform of Red Monday, Fitness First demonstrated to the public that exercise can boost your mental health and used the opportunity to showcase new equipment & ease people into a gym routine.