At the end of this month the London Coffee Festival will be keeping everyone buzzed in East London. If you were here for the festival last year you may well have seen an exclusive fleet of Freehand Coffee Roasters SuperSide taxis, created by Festival exhibitors, Miko Coffee. Miko chose taxi advertising to help them to reach an audience of cosmopolitan coffee drinkers right across town, not just in the area around the Truman Brewery where the Festival is held. For brands looking to leverage Coffee Festival presence this year, taxi advertising creates iconic brand stand-out and the opportunity for additional publicity and social 'talkability'. When we asked Miko marketing manager Jenna Horsnell about her taxi campaign, she said, 'We’re aiming to create a real buzz around this new coffee brand with fun competitions, fab prizes and a fleet of branded black cabs, which are guaranteed to get people talking about Freehand long before they visit the Festival." Jenna is absolutely right about generating brand 'buzz' - as an impactful above ground format, taxis add extra hits of the commuter and urban audience and they also help the brand message to infiltrate that elusive upmarket group of AB city-dwellers who are on the street looking for and using taxis on a weekly basis; research tells us that two thirds of London adults who notice taxi advertising are interested in art and culture; they’re the type who like to be 'in the know' and will spread the word to like-minded friends and family. We help clients from all sectors leverage their event sponsorship or exhibitor status. In 2015 we ran a campaign for Patek Philippe - the exclusive Swiss watch manufacturer, who harnessed the iconic and eye-catching power of Livery taxis to promote an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. Our branded taxis have created outstanding PR buzz for many brands promoting store openings or anniversaries, including The Langham Hotel, J Crew, Cath Kidston and Juicy Couture. For BNYMellon, Allianz and AIG, branded taxis have helped them to maximise publicity of their sport sponorship, and for Harvey Nichols, L'Oreal and Vodafone, we have managed VIP journeys in their branded taxis. All of these activities are created and managed by our dedicated PR Events team and every one has helped to generate additional PR for clients, which has maximised their sponsorhsip or exhibition investment. You really don't need a lot of branded taxis to generate great PR - all it takes is a few taxis, imaginative thinking about how to generate publicity and a well handled event - all of which we can deliver.  When people think ‘taxis’ they will quite often think of big ‘brand’ campaigns - however, branded taxis are just as suitable for driving home a timely, targeted message, just as our ‘culture clients’ have demonstrated. If you’re looking for a format that is part of the fabric of a city and appears in high footfall cultural and social areas as a matter of course, you should consider taxis as your showcase.