At Ubiquitous We don’t stand still

For more than 35 years our team have been injecting passion, knowledge, credibility and innovation into the taxi advertising industry.

At Ubiquitous we don’t just sell media space; we work with clients and agencies to create insight-led campaign ideas to achieve the most effective and engaging use of media budget for brands.

Our knowledge of the OOH landscape enables us to recommend taxi advertising solutions that not only complement and enhance an integrated plan, but enable brands to reach large, high value audiences.  Our investment in Route and other media measurement research provides our clients with accountability and insight for their taxi advertising commitments.

We are the industry innovator, always with an eye to the needs of our clients and with our minds on furthering the engaging and accountable ways in which they might connect with their target audiences via taxi advertising.







  • Card Payment Mandated

    TfL rule that card and contactless payment will be mandatory in London’s black taxis from October 2016, enabling more people to use black cabs more easily, without having to rely on having cash to hand.

  • Ubiquitous taxis get beacons

    In partnership with Proxama, Ubiquitous gain TfL approval to install London taxis with beacons, enabling app clients to engage their customers during the journey.

  • Ubiquitous Defends Manchester!

    In late 2015 Ubiquitous successfully lobbied to defend the right for taxi drivers in Manchester to carry taxi advertising, over-turning the City Council’s motion to ban it.

  • Ubiquitous Live On Route

    In May 2015 Ubiquitous London taxis go live on Route. The data demonstrates that Ubiquitous taxis are an outstanding ‘reach’ format, being seen by 80% of ABC1 London adults every fortnight

  • Ubiquitous joins Route

    In March of this year Ubiquitous invested in putting taxi advertising in London on Route, the GB OOH audience measurement system. This significant step for the format will see taxis being measured alongside other GB OOH media in a like for like way.

  • CabConnect goes national

    In February, we received approval to run CabConnect campaigns in 10 UK cities!

    We are the first (and only) taxi advertising operator to secure key city approval for in-taxi mobile marketing, comprising Smart Wi-Fi and NFC.

  • Edinburgh regulation change

    Ubiquitous successfully persuaded Edinburgh City Council to overhaul the regulations, meaning it is no longer necessary to obtain Council approval for individual taxi campaigns in Edinburgh or to make additional payments for each taxi posted, bringing down the barriers to entry for advertisers and increasing revenue opportunities for taxi drivers.

  • CabConnect

    Ubiquitous client Microsoft launches the first ever Wi-Fi and NFC enabled taxi advertising campaign in London, enabling the brand to engage with high-value taxi passengers during the Wi-Fi enhanced journey.

  • Wi-Fi and NFC trial approved by TfL

    Ubiquitous receives TfL approval for the trial of the first Wi-Fi and NFC enabled taxis in London.

  • Hailo and Gett Taxi launch

    The black taxi apps Hailo and Gett Taxi launch in London, enabling people to hail a black taxi direct from their mobile phone and making the Hackney Carriage even easier to use, especially for people who prefer to pay by card.

  • SuperLivery trial

    Ubiquitous trials a new format for London, the SuperLivery, that has ContraVision vinyl across the passenger windows.

  • Vodafone

    Ubiquitous client Vodafone, implements the largest taxi advertising campaign ever, putting 1,000 liveried taxis on the road in London, equipped with mobile phone chargers.

  • Operations Centre extended

    Our operations centre is extended again, with the addition of the largest drive-through in the country, for fast posting of SuperSides.

  • Ubiq opens biggest taxi adveritsing Operations Centre

    Responding to on-going demand for taxis advertising, Ubiquitous opens the biggest taxi advertising operations centre in London’s Bethnal Green.

  • FlexiSide

    Ubiquitous introduces the FlexiSide format to the streets of London, enabling brands to cost-effectively alter their creative part way through a taxi campaign.

  • Megasides

    Ubiquitous introduces the MegaSide format to the streets of London.

  • Ubiquitous is founded

    Ubiquitous is founded and operates from a small portacabin in East London, for the first 18 months, as the fleet of taxi drivers is steadily built and the first advertisers take to the streets.

  • Andrew Barnett leaves Clear Channel

    Andrew Barnett leaves Clear Channel, having run their taxi advertising division, Taxi Media for four years.

  • Barnett's Taxi Advertising is bought by Clear Channel

    Barnett’s Taxi Advertising is bought by Clear Channel; a year later, Barnett's nearest competitor, Taxi Media is also purchased by Clear Channel.

  • SuperSides

    Double door advertising evolves into the hard working SuperSide format that we recognise today.

  • The Livery

    TfL approves the Livery format and the first fully-wrapped taxis roll out onto the streets of London.

  • Double door panels

    Single door advertising evolves to double door panels and is approved for roll-out by TfL.

  • Single door advertising

    Single door advertising panels are approved by TfL and introduced to the streets of London, on the Hackney Carriage taxi.

  • Andrew Barnett joins his father's company

    Our Managing Director, Andrew Barnett, joins his father’s company, Barnett’s Taxi Advertising.