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How to own the icon - hints and tips for taxi advertising design

The iconic black taxi, London’s #1 design icon and a first-class public service, is also an out of home advertising opportunity that reaches 8/10 Londoners every two weeks. The very robust media argument that can be made for taxis within the OOH mix on Route, reassures that taxis are an efficient media choice, but beyond the media decision-making we sometimes find that brands need our help...

News | March 13, 2018

Taxi advertising - the jam in the city centre media doughnut.

Being relatively new to the world of out of home it has quickly become clear to me that digital OOH is the darling of the Outdoor world,...

Blog | January 10, 2018
American Airlines Livery Taxis

American Airlines lets fly with London taxi geofencing campaign.

American Airlines has harnessed London’s iconic black cabs for its latest promotional push, a real-time geofencing campaign which will see it...

News | September 25, 2017

Taxi advertising reaches the areas that other media cannot reach

Anyone who has visited London will know that those who drive the iconic black cab are some of the hardest working Londoners, picking up and...

News | August 18, 2017


There has been some Twitter activity recently about a taxi advertising campaign that we are running for a cross-country train client, bearing the...

News | May 31, 2017