Creative Formats

Liveries taxi format Icon SuperSide Taxi taxi format Icon Vito taxi format Icon CabConnect taxi format Icon Tip Seats taxi format Icon Receipts taxi format Icon Rear Windows taxi format Icon
  • Liveries

    • Very cost efficient for long-term brand building
    • Deliver more campaign impacts per taxi, than SuperSide taxis
    • Excellent in lower numbers for PR ‘buzz’ and experiential activity
    • 100% brand exclusive
    • 100 Livery taxis for 4 weeks, will reach 2,057,760 of London's ABC1 adults.  
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  • SuperSide Taxi

    • Very good at building cover fast
    • Excellent for PR ‘buzz’ and experiential activity
    • 100% brand exclusive
    • 100 SuperSide taxis for 4 weeks, will reach 2,023,230 of London's ABC1 Adults.


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  • Vito

    • Vitos offer a third more creative space, compared to the traditional taxi
    • Inside, brands benefit from an extra tip-seat panel
    • Vitos are popular amongst airport drivers as they carry more people and luggage!
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  • CabConnect

    • In-taxi technology to engage the connected taxi passenger
    • Free passenger WiFi, complete with branded ‘smart hub’ for bespoke content delivery
    • Beacons to enable brands to re-engage app customers during the taxi journey
    • NFC – tap for content or to download an app during the ride
    • Meshh for delivery of locally hosted rich content, served straight to your device, in the taxi
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  • Tip Seats

    • Inside the taxi, the audience tend to be high earning professionals
    • Tip-Seats present a valuable face to face opportunity with this desirable audience
    • Dwell time on board is high, with the average journey taking 20 minutes in London
    • Ideal for deeper messaging, an offer or call to action
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  • Receipts

    • Place your brand directly in the hand of prosperous taxi passengers
    • Extend your campaign communication with a receipt call to action or offer
    • Imaginative formats and double-sided printing available
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  • Rear Windows

    • Eye-level message opportunity to pedestrians and other motorists
    • Further extends brand exclusivity of the taxi
    • Two-way vinyl that doesn’t obscure the driver’s vision
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