Creative Formats

Liveries taxi format Icon SuperSides   taxi format Icon Vito taxi format Icon CabConnect taxi format Icon Tip Seats taxi format Icon Receipts taxi format Icon Rear Windows taxi format Icon
  • Liveries

    • The long term brand builder or the short term high impact attention grabber
    • The most creative of canvases
    • Ideal for PR events
    • Enhance campaign with your own elite fleet of taxis and drivers, educated on your brand and products, for one-to-one marketing
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  • SuperSides

    • The broadcast format
    • Delivers high-volume and coverage
    • Ideal for medium and short term campaigns
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  • Vito

    • Increasingly popular taxi format
    • Offer a third more space and can carry larger numbers of passengers, often for longer journeys
    • Vito SuperSide taxis now available as a format
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  • CabConnect

    • Opt-in marketing opportunity that enables one advertiser to create a mobile brand experience
    • Two core pieces of technology: NFC (near field communication) and in-taxi Wi-Fi
    • Advertisers can use both or either of these to create a mobile brand experience with benefits!
    • We are the only taxi advertising operator that can offer CabConnect in 10 UK cities
    • Watch the CabConnect show reel to find out more about this unique opportunity!
    • Follow the link to find out more information and check out our CabConnect gallery!
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  • Tip Seats

    • Regular users of taxis are overwhelmingly ABC1 & Business people, which account for 85% per cent of London taxi journeys
    • Tip-Seats are a natural extension of the exterior campaign
    • They carry more detailed information and the passenger has the opportunity to read the message at leisure
    • The average length of a taxi journey is 25 minutes, very valuable dwell time enabling the client to inform and educate their potential customer
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  • Receipts

    • Brand placed directly in the consumers hand
    • Can be integrated with other activity such as online or press campaigns
    • Many imaginative formats can be created
    • Ability to add a response mechanism for further accountability of your campaign
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  • Rear Windows

    • Eye level advertising internally and externally
    • Easily viewed by passengers, pedestrians & motorists
    • 2 way vinyl that displays your advert without impairing the driver’s vision
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