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We thought a London taxi campaign was an iconic and effective way to increase our brand awareness by re-promoting our most iconic product, NARS Orgasm Blush. The aesthetic of the beautiful London taxis allowed us to create an impactful creative and generate excitement around the streets of London. We linked this campaign with the opening of our first ever NARS boutique in London.

Maria Llanos, Senior Project Manager UK & Ireland, NARS Cosmetics


The portability of our new launch, Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick, was a key selling point we wanted to highlight. Our objective was to target our consumer when she’s out-and-about and a portable foundation would be of interest and relevant. The taxi supersides fulfilled this objective and also provided brand visibility in London and other major cities in the UK. We were particularly pleased with the scope of branding included in the package, with the opportunity to advertise on the tip-seats and taxi receipts. The Ubiquitous team are collaborative, efficient and friendly - we would recommend their services.

Natalie Clark, Marketing Director, Clinique UK


The service we have received over the last few months during our Trilogy taxi campaign from Ubiquitous has been second to none. From the team in the office to the drivers giving their passengers 'trilogy tips' plus the brand exposure has been phenomenal. As a global brand the assistance given by Ubiquitous on social media platforms has been a huge benefit of working with them. They even went to the length of arranging to pick our CEO up as a surprise when she visited London recently.

Melissa Gooden, UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Trilogy

Perfumes by Rihanna

London taxis are a great way for us to reach consumers across the capital whilst they are out and about on the streets where retailers are stocking Rogue. We included internal tip-seats in the campaign which allowed us to further enhance our message to those travelling in the taxi, and branded receipts ensure the fragrance stayed front of mind, long after the journey had finished.

Del Randhawa, Media Client Services Director


London continues to be one of the most popular destinations for Christmas shoppers across the world, so capturing the attention of these consumers is a key focus for us. Both black cabs and the Carmex® brand are worldwide icons and the combination of the two will help our brand to dominate the streets with an instantly recognisable burst of colour. Taxi advertising will not only showcase the quirky side of the brand, but also will captivate the attention of consumers from all walks of life when retail stores selling Carmex® products are in easy reach.

Farrah Gray, UK Communications Manager

Dr Hauschka

Thank you so much for all your help. It has been great to work alongside such professionals who have made the whole process a lot easier.

We have really enjoyed this activity and the feedback we have had has just been fantastic – very worthwhile and Dr.Hauschka are thrilled.

Ellie Goblet d’Alviella, Account Director


Solgar Vitamin and Herb has used Ubiquitous for an annual PR event for the past three years and each year the level of service has been superb, both in terms of the office support and the drivers themselves.

It is always important at these events to make sure that the suppliers you use have the same level of customer care as your own, especially when they are directly interacting with your clients and Ubiquitous certainly meets this expectation.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ubiquitous to any company.

Marie Kendal, Marketing Director


The taxi campaign we ran for Ange ou Demon in September 2006 was definitely a success.

We had a strong print advertising campaign running at the same time, so cannot attribute results by media channel, but overall we experienced a sales uplift.

Moreover, the taxis created a buzz among both retailers and our sales force, who saw them many times; a lot of customers at our counters also mentioned that they had seen our taxis.

There was a high frequency of brand exposure due to the length of the campaign, which contributed to the overall success.

Kareen Lafon Levacher, Marketing Director


“Our ‘Who Says No to Mentos’ campaign has been a big hit so far, and as London is such an important hub for our audience, it was an obvious choice for the next phase. Taxi drivers are renowned for their ability to chat to anyone and make instant connections – the perfect partner for Mentos – and black cabs offer us a fantastic platform to carry our messaging and raise brand visibility in a high impact way. We have seen a big increase in demand for sharing snacks, and these new 3-pack formats provide the perfect solution for shoppers looking to treat themselves and their friends.”

Claire Powley, Mentos Brand Manager

Blu Cigs

“With this campaign we aimed to ensure that as many London smokers not only noticed our brand, but could also feel and experience it first-hand. Through gifting participating drivers who smoked Blu eCigs as well as creating an aroma makeover inside the taxis, we feel as though we have done just that. Taxis are a unique out of home format that enables us to create these types experiences and to showcase what this brand is all about to our audience”.

Rebecca Hargardon, Senior Brand Manager

JAC Vapour

E-cigarettes are a piece of technology and like other gadgets, users should be primarily concerned with quality, performance and reliability. These are all values that are present in the London black taxi and so it made perfect sense to include them in our Outdoor plans.

The e-cigarette market has burgeoned in recent years and this campaign highlights that JAC Vapour is a one-stop-shop for both e-cigarette beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Emma Logan, Communications Director


“Our taxis have helped us to bring the bright and colourful spirit of Brazil to the streets of London, as the weather starts to heat up and Londoners want to free their toes and slip on some Havaianas! Whilst the cabs circulate London, the special-build ‘flip flop’ taxis have created social buzz online, extending the reach of our campaign and welcoming people of London and beyond, to ‘Brazilian Territory’!”

Sophie Paget, Havaianas Marketing Manager, UK & Ireland


“At Bric’s we believe life is a journey and we endeavour to make that journey beautiful with the addition of appealing and functional luggage. Working with Ubiquitous our aim is to provide a different type of beautiful journey around London in our fully branded livery taxis. We believe the campaign will present our message not only to the London public at large but to a very targeted customer who travels by taxi.”

Shelley Williams, Marketing Director, Pelham (Bric’s UK Distributor).


“The iconic shoe brand UGG Australia is assuring their presence is kept front of mind of consumers throughout the busy holiday period by embracing traditional black cabs to stand out in key retail areas. Employed on SuperSides, tip seats and receipts the brand reaffirms their presence across major UK cities in a momentous retail time, where the stylised creative presents UGG Australia as the go-to-gifting brand for winter shoes both for him and her, while informing consumers of the location of their UGG Australia store.”

Malin Herrstorm UGG Planner, M2M


We’re proud of where we’ve come from, but now we’re so much more than our iconic clog…we’ve evolved. This campaign aims to change customer perception of our brand, encourage them to take a fresh look at us and join our evolution. In this, our 10th anniversary year, we believe through taxi advertising we will instantly capture the attention of a wide London audience and achieve fantastic, all-access visibility this summer.

Michael Marshall-Clarke, European Marketing Director


Mark the taxi driver was absolutely fantastic and made the whole exercise far simpler to execute than it might have been, He could not have been more helpful or amenable if he tried, and helped out on so many things that we would never have expected him to and really made a huge difference to the whole project.

His 'can do' attitude is a credit to both him and Ubiquitous and I would now never hesitate to use either of them again, he was a great addition to the promotion and could not report back on him more highly, a thoroughly nice person who was a huge help to us far beyond his required duties!

Kyrsten Halley, Brand Manager


Ubiquitous were a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

The team made the process simplistic and handled every aspect of the project seamlessly from the initial brief, to assisting with the design of the logo for the taxis, making sure our logo looked correct on the cabs, communicating our brand to the fleet of drivers and even organising our 200th Birthday Party taxis.

Our cabs looked wonderful and were a great advertising medium for our company during our bicentenary celebrations. Many thanks again to Ella and the team at Ubiquitous.

Nicola Fisher & Jessica Rembert, Marketing Team


“The chance to fly a Spitfire is an experience that money can’t buy, and we are delighted to be able to offer such a special prize to our customers. Our London livery taxis will help to raise awareness of the competition and we hope will encourage the people of London to donate money to the RAF Benevolent Fund, of which we are a proud partner. In this significant anniversary year we aim to gain support for our fundraising and further support those helped by the charity.”

William Upfield, Spitfire Ale Brand Manager


Scotland is the home of Drambuie and so the city of Edinburgh is core to our marketing strategy. Our distinctive taxis enable us to place our brand in every corner of the capital in the lead up to Christmas and the iconic format provides us with the perfect opportunity to engage with a busy city audience, as well as cultural visitors and will hopefully attract a new generation of drinkers, not yet familiar with Drambuie.

Vicki Wonders, UK Marketing Manager

Hi Spirits

Scotland has a rich heritage in the whisky trade so it only makes sense that we bring our award-winning whiskeys to the country’s buzzing capital of Edinburgh. Along with our sponsorship of The Thinking Drinker’s Guide to Alcohol at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, our barrel ageing cocktail competition also promotes key aspects of Edinburgh’s cultural life. Splashing our brand messages across the city’s dominant Vito black taxis delivers excellent exposure to an audience who are enjoying the delights of this beautiful city.

Dan Bolton, Managing Director


“There are more than 22,500 Black Cabs in London, offering a first class service throughout the capital. However, more people expect to be able to pay by card when they grab a cab, and are frustrated to find that many taxis don’t take cards. We hope to remedy this by working with Ubiquitous to make PayPal Here the choice of both London’s cabbies and passengers in 2016, giving people the option to pay via debit or credit card and by contactless card and mobile payments.”

Rob Harper Director of Mobile Commerce, PayPal UK


The main objective of our campaign is to raise awareness of Nutmeg and the services we offer to a financially-minded and time-poor audience. The premium black taxis complemented the other media we ran, including tube and train advertising and internal taxi tip-seats allowed us to communicate with passengers throughout their journey, offering them the opportunity to upgrade their ISAs and benefit from reduced portfolio management fees – all via a special offer only available from nutmeg.com/taxi.

Iqbal Gandham, CMO


We find that Taxi advertising at this time of year adds extra impact and awareness to our End of Tax Year Campaign complementing our use of Press, Billboards, Online and Radio. Using your tax allowance has never been so important in a low interest rate environment and Fidelity Worldwide Investment uses the media to convey our expertise and breadth of investment know how.

Jonathan Hewitt, Marketing Director, Personal Investing, Fidelity Worldwide Investing


The objective was to increase awareness among the general public.

Ubiquitous provided the ideal solution with a high profile, cost-effective campaign across major UK cities... with the added bonus of the drivers themselves being enthusiastic about the brand they carry on their cabs.

Mary-Jane Moore, Head of Marketing


Having Deloitte branded taxis visible across the Capital has been a creative extension to our national advertising campaign. The high quality finish to our 60 white liveried taxis, combined with the attentive and personable service delivered by Ubiquitous has been first-class. They have always provided courteous and reliable drivers throughout our 12 month contract and this innovative brand-building activity has been much talked about by our clients and our people.

Sarah Williams, Brand and Innovation

BBC Worldwide

“Wanting to target a broad audience, taxi advertising helped us reach a larger volume of people in a short time frame and are a key part of everyday London life. We feel the creative combined with the locations gives consumers the best possible understanding of the new service and a greater awareness of the BBC as a brand.”

Simi Murthy, Head of Brand Marketing, BBC Store


With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles making a return and creating one of the biggest launches for Nickelodeon to date, we felt it was essential to pull out all the stops.

Including taxis in our nationwide campaign is another way to capture the attention of audiences down the busiest streets and in the most populous cities. Featuring our impossible to miss creative, Taxi advertising works perfectly within our integrated campaign, spreading the word that the turtles are back!

Alison Bakunowich, VP Director of Marketing and Communications

Gowling WLG

“With this campaign we aimed to reinforce our brand image with Londoners, reaching people regularly and frequently taxis are the perfect out of home solution as they are seemingly omnipresent. The iconic black cab is a unique media format that allowed us to communicate our message clearly inside and outside of the taxi reaching the audience we desired in a premium way.”

Dawn Beddard, Corporate Communications Manager


Taxi advertising complements our other targeted media because it infiltrates the streets along which the Miele target audience travel daily. The size and length of our campaign ensures excellent message coverage and frequency and delivers it in a way that is trusted, reliable and above all, premium.

Sian Bailey, Category Manager

Transport for London

We are incredibly proud to have helped bring London’s first rainbow taxi in service to the Capital’s roads, joining our fabulous rainbow Routemaster which has proved a huge hit with our customers. Having a traditional black cab, which is famous all over the world, wrapped in a rainbow flag shows what a truly diverse city we are.

Martyn Loukes, Chair, OUTbound


We love our fleet of London cabs! They very visibly demonstrate our company growth and our evolution towards providing a service that’s relevant, convenient and with the lowest fares for both business and leisure travellers. Not only are the taxis placing the Ryanair brand in high-footfall areas in London, they are also providing a top quality service to an audience of busy commuters and business people.

Aiden Kilcoyne, Media & Advertising Manager, Ryanair

Qatar Airways

The start of services from Edinburgh to Doha not only offers travellers from the Scottish capital access to the Middle East in under seven hours, but also a quicker total journey time to other popular destinations in Asia, India and Australasia. Taxis offer us an effective way to reach a wide and robust audience across the city.

Richard Oliver, Country Manager UK & Eire


With this new campaign, we wanted to share the natural richness of Asturias with Londoners looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The astounding landscape of Asturias’ 6,500 ft. mountains, which are extremely close to the Asturian coastal line, is brought to life on the iconic London taxis and we believe that the contrast between the lush images of Asturias and in the powerful urban setting of London will help the “natural paradise” of the region truly stand out.

The Board at Tourism Asturias

British Airways

CabConnect allowed us to deliver a high quality, fully branded mobile experience to passengers using our taxis. During their journey, passengers were able to connect to the British Airways mobile hub to watch our London City Airport video, click through to our website or go online, via the free Wi-Fi service.

Allowing people to connect with us via their own phone guarantees a high quality, personal experience of BA; one that people have opted in to and are in control of. Offering a free Wi-Fi connection adds value to the journey and complements our customer service philosophy.

Gary Fozzard, Commerical & Marketing


For each major exhibition at the V&A, we tailor our campaigns and choice of media to suit the target audience. The taxi campaign we feel is an impactful way to advertise a fashion exhibition to an audience likely to be out working, shopping and socialising. The nature of London taxis to travel to all corners of the city we hope will capture the attention of both regular museum attendees and visitors to the capital.

Sarah Armond, Senior Marketing Manager

Historic Scotland

After the hustle and bustle of summer has died down, it is time for locals and day trippers to enjoy the cultural experience on offer at Edinburgh Castle – without the massive crowds. Taxis will give the campaign visibility throughout the entire city, ensuring that we reach a wide audience of residents, commuters and winter tourists. While the city’s Christmas themed activities will attract seasonal visitors, our taxi advertising campaign serves to remind everyone that Edinburgh Castle is open all year round.

Lisa Robshaw, Marketing Manager at Historic Scotland


Having only recently arrived in the UK, we wanted to launch a campaign that would instantly set the InterRent brand apart from other car hire companies. From rates of £10 per day, we want to make it easier for travellers to get around once they’ve touched down at the airport. The taxis will broadcast our key offering across some of the busiest cities in Britain, emphasising just how affordable hiring a car can be.

Ken McCall, Managing Director


With many Brits preparing to travel abroad over the summer period, this time of year is crucial for a business like ours. We wanted to launch a campaign that would provide travellers with a range of currency exchange options in order to ease some of the stress associated with planning a holiday. Alongside our advertising efforts in print and on the radio, the taxis will broadcast our key message that where our services are available online and at the airport, changing money becomes a more convenient task.

Elvin Eldić, Head of UK Retail at Travelex

The View from The Shard

At the top of London’s tallest building, The View from The Shard offers unbeatable views across the city. Unveiling the breath-taking experience available at the top of The Shard on black taxis fittingly combines a contemporary icon with a classic component of the capital’s scene. What’s more, taxis constantly interact with customers across the city, from residents, to commuters, to tourists – all of whom could be inspired by ‘The View from The Shard’.

Charlotte Alldis, Marketing Manager

Tate Liverpool

Our Chagall exhibition is the first of its kind in the UK and we wanted to mark this exciting moment with a captivating marketing campaign. Using taxi advertising to attract a broad audience from across the city enables us to ensure that Tate Liverpool captures the attention of both regular gallery attendees and those visiting Liverpool to experience the cities vibrant arts and culture scene.

Jennifer Collingwood, Marketing Manager

Air Europa

Uruguay boasts the highest quality of life in Latin America, and is home to such treasures as elegant Montevideo and the luxurious coastal resorts of Punta del Este and Jose Ignacio. This new route from Gatwick to Montevideo secures us an important role as the airline of choice for Londoners travelling to Latin America. Working with the highly experienced team from Ubiquitous helps us to spread this exciting news.

Colin Stewart, UK General Manager

Turkish Airlines

The opportunity to talk directly to the public within the city environment is crucial for a business such as ours. We fly to Turkey and beyond Turkey offering some of best routes to Africa, Middle East, Far East, India, China and Asia from UK, and we’re looking to promote that fact to people before they book their next flight. In Manchester, where the audience consists of people who come into town for sport, business, music and culture, it’s necessary for us to maintain a consistent brand presence in the heart of the city, but in a way that doesn’t restrict us to specific locations, such as shopping malls, the airport or train station; taxi advertising presents us with the perfect solution to this.

Cengiz Turksoy, Manchester Director

Korean Air

We believe taxi advertising is a perfect platform for Korean Air to promote the brand in a highly visible, stylish format, on the iconic black cab shape. Suddenly on the very busy streets of the affluent West End and City of London, Korean Air is everywhere!

Jeongsoo Park, Regional Manager UK, Ireland & South Africa


Our aim was to raise the awareness of the airline, its destinations and competitive fares in our highly aggressive and price sensitive industry. We experienced a steady rise in direct bookings to our website – flytap.com – which was emblazoned on the taxis, and the London ticket office experienced many more people visiting them for fare & availability enquiries, while mentioning they had seen “TAP Taxis” buzzing around London with a pricing message.

In short, we believe we have gone a long way towards attaining our goal, in which Ubiquitous Taxis has played an important part.

Graham J. Irwin, Marketing Manager


We wanted to showcase our brand in a unique way to reflect our unusual campaign, and London taxis provided the perfect platform for us to do this. We also wished to give passengers something special to take away with them, so in addition to branded receipts, drivers will be handing out FCUK magic cards, which represent a range of different prizes, redeemable when presented in-store.

Jennifer Roebuck, Multichannel Marketing Director

Watches of Switzerland

It was important for us to create something that would really break the mould and stand out within the luxury watch category. The iconic synergy between the London taxi, the Hitchcock-led creative and the famous brands available at Watches of Switzerland made this campaign an obvious choice for us. The Liveries will ensure we are raising our brand profile as well as generating awareness of the store opening, whilst engaging a high-quality target audience right across the capital.

Nikki Cartwright, Head of Retail Marketing at Watches of Switzerland

Tiger of Sweden

Our taxi advertising campaign was a carefully considered choice; specifically selected because taxis directly place our brand amongst a cosmopolitan, style focused urban audience to whom design individuality really matters. Importantly, the taxis that Ubiquitous provide, do this in a manner that maintains the premium, high quality ethos of our brand.

Per Håkans, Marketing Director


During Fashion Week season, London has its moment in the spotlight and attracts style advocates from across the world. Promoting our latest collection on a globally recognised icon – the British taxi – was a natural choice, particularly given Aquascutum’s 162 year history in Britain. Not only do taxis travel across the entire city, but they also provide us with a perfect blank canvas to bedeck with eye-catching visuals of this season’s campaign.

Elise Hamer, Marketing & PR Executive


London is one of the world's leading cities when it comes to fashion so reaching out to the capital's stylish audience was essential for us. Using taxis in our campaign enables us to reach consumers in areas which other formats would not be able to do as easily and the benefit of tip-seats and branded receipts provide us with an opportunity to tap into consumers throughout and after their journey.

Yves Benoliel, Marketing and Communications VP


London is one of the fashion capitals of the world and the iconic black taxi provided us with the perfect opportunity to reach out to a fashion-forward metropolitan audience, as well as tourists to the city, during London Fashion Week. CabConnect presented us with a unique opportunity to engage with these people whilst they were on the move, allowing them to explore the website and download the app to explore further in their own time.

Orla Barrett, Marketing Director

Tommy Hilfiger

As one of their largest retail openings in Europe to date, Tommy Hilfiger wished to generate significant impact and buzz around their new Brompton Road Store. A core focus was to cover primary transport access to the new Store - we therefore decided to harness the iconic status of the London black cab, working with Ubiquitous to create a full livery design in the Fall-Winter Collection Tartan. For the first 3-days of activity, we additionally fitted cab roofs with large bespoke illuminated bows – using the fleet to reward high spending customers with journeys to / from the Store, conveying press and client VIPs to / from the launch night venues, plus generating impact through drive-by and sampling initiatives.

James McEwan, Group Business Director, PSI

Zadig & Voltaire

By using specially created London taxis as part of our campaign, we were able to engage with fashion conscious Londoners and encourage them to come and visit us. Ubiquitous enabled us to do this effectively, and during an important time for us, London Fashion Week, helping broadcast awareness of our brand across the city.

Philippine de Villeplee, Marketing Manager

Links of London

The strategy behind the campaign was to create cut through amongst other Olympic activity, particularly as there are restrictions on certain outdoor sites being available only to sponsors during the Games. We know there will be lots of domestic and international tourists coming to London for the Games and we felt the iconic London cabs were a perfect arena to showcase our involvement as Official Jewellery Collection of London 2012.

Sarah McNamara, Marketing Director

Kate Spade

London continues to sit at the heart of the global fashion industry, so capturing the attention of shoppers in the UK’s capital has long been a key focus for us. The quintessentially British black cab provides a stylish platform to promote the Kate Spade New York brand in a unique and dynamic way. Taxi advertising will not only showcase the elegance of our products, but also will capture the attention of consumers when they are on the high street in a purchasing mindset and in close proximity to stores selling all the ranges advertised.

Kyle Andrew, SVP Global Marketing


Our Carrera 6000 sunglasses are one of our sleekest designs to date, with a real vintage feel to them.

By working with Ubiquitous we are able to link the very essence of the brand by promoting it on one of London’s most iconic symbols – the black taxi.

Our fleet of Carrera branded taxis will reach a broad audience, while simultaneously providing an individual experience; a perfect fit for our ‘Jump into the Sun’ campaign.

Gabor Kereszturi, UK Country Manager


London is a key city for us and we have been looking for a medium we could call our own for some time.

We ran our 1st campaign with Ubiquitous in 2009 and the feedback from everyone was excellent. We also ran a Bus campaign but decided that Taxis offered us much more so we ran a 2nd campaign and have now committed to more activity in 2010; we’re also looking at the rest of the UK.

Ubiquitous understand what we are trying to achieve with our Brand and they also have amazing attention to detail and offer incredible service levels.

Marina Pieri, Advertising Manager


“The recent taxi activity has been brilliant for Quidco as, not only has it helped attract a significant quantity of new members, but it has also allowed us to engage members with a real interest in Quidco and e-commerce.”

“Members that signed up after seeing us on or in a taxi, spend 54% more than those who registered during the same period, making them valuable to our retailers and to Quidco. This in turn delivers great discounts to these new members, meaning they get hooked on our great cashback service.

“The engagement and interaction levels achieved with these new members is great, and we are continuing to work with Ubiquitous on additional activity to reach more people like this within the UK.”

Stuart Brann, Head of Marketing at Quidco

Just Eat

This campaign is a great way to engage with hungry Londoners on their way home. Just as you’re thinking what to have for dinner, you can jump in a JUST EAT cab and order a takeaway treat so easily and quickly that it could be waiting for you when you arrive. The campaign we are running with Ubiquitous with NFC enabled taxis supports our key message – to maximise customer convenience and enhance the takeaway experience.

Victoria Bloom, UK Head of Brand

Prime Location

Following on from the success of our livery campaign for Zoopla earlier this year, we were keen to run a similar campaign for our PrimeLocation.com brand, targeting London property buyers and renters along with overseas visitors to the capital. Each taxi in our latest campaign is unique, with different London locations featuring on each cab, reminding property-interested consumers of all the great locations across the city where we have properties available.

Alex Chesterman, Founder & CEO of Zoopla Property Group


Lovestruck’s target audience of single professionals are prolific taxi users, making it an ideal addition to our hyperlocal marketing strategy. January/February is a key ‘dating season’, so we look forward to Lovestruck-branded taxis pointing London’s singles in the right direction!

Brett Harding, Managing Director


“For us, taxis are a proven media which allow us to target our audience in a cost effective manner time and time again. Taxis are seen across London and specifically in key business hubs all day long, attracting the attention of the professional community and allowing us to broadcast our message in a unique manner, at a time when these people are often bombarded with advertising throughout their day. After the initial success of our first taxi advertising campaign in 2013, we increased the number of taxis in our second campaign and incorporated Vito taxis, allowing us to harness up to 1/3 more of taxi space.”

Simon Prince, Head of Customer Acquisition

Standard Life

Our branded London taxi enabled us to communicate a continuous message throughout the campaign and supported key events where our clients were present.

After their door-to-door service, the main advantage of the traditional London taxi is the driver’s extensive knowledge of the city streets; the driver, (and therefore Standard Life), will know the route whenever they are hailed and this is where the taxi becomes an interesting metaphor for Standard Life post auto-enrolment.

Vicky Hope, Head of Marketing, Workplace at Standard Life

My London Home

As a central London estate agency with properties available across the capital, we needed to ensure our presence was felt throughout the city. The London taxi is an iconic vehicle, constantly on the move, providing us with the perfect platform to broadcast our message. Our bright taxis are sure to turn heads wherever they go and we’re looking forward to spotting them over the next 12 months.

Charlie Bragg, Marketing Manager

London Central Portfolio Ltd

Our taxi has provided us with the perfect platform to both advertise our services as a Prime Central London property search agent and also double up as a memorable method of transportation for our clients whilst we showcase the properties themselves! The driver has been friendly and helpful, enabling us to go that step further in looking after existing and prospective clients.

Naomi Heaton, Chief Executive

Prime Location

Following on from the success of our livery campaign for Zoopla earlier this year, we were keen to run a similar campaign for our PrimeLocation.com brand, targeting London property buyers and renters along with overseas visitors to the capital. Each taxi in our latest campaign is unique, with different London locations featuring on each cab, reminding property-interested consumers of all the great locations across the city where we have properties available.

Alex Chesterman, Founder & CEO of Zoopla Property Group


We are committed to offering London the best possible network. We have already made hundreds of improvements to increase coverage, capacity and reliability and now with our fantastic fleet of Union Jack cabs and their on-board chargers which anyone can use, all Londoners will be able to see our continuing commitment to the capital.

Guy Laurence, Chief Executive


London is an important city for global business and providing effective solutions for hardworking people is a key focus for us. Offering free Wi-Fi in taxis is a great way to demonstrate how Microsoft provides benefit to people in London. Additionally, there’s the opportunity for passengers to explore our mobile hub during their journey, via their smartphone, which is full of information that could be useful to their everyday tasks.

Philippa Snare, CMO


In Early 2006, LG became the launch advertiser for Ubiquitous Megasides, with a 3-month campaign featuring the LG U880 mobile handset on 200 London taxis.

The campaign objective was to retain our high-level advertising profile, whilst using a more cost-effective, longer-term media platform. To measure effectiveness, we carried out awareness research, which revealed that during this three-month period LG exceeded its awareness targets for 2006.

The results confirmed for us that Megasides are a unique, cost-effective and highly visible media, which, when combined with the professional, passionate and enthusiastic service offered by Ubiquitous, delivered an excellent return on investment.

As a result of this success, in March 2007 we repeat-booked the Megaside campaign with Ubiquitous for our new handset, Shine.

John Barton, Sales & Marketing Director