Case Study: Microsoft

Campaign Details

In March 2013, Microsoft became the launch advertiser for CabConnect, making free Wi-Fi and NFC a reality in London taxis. The 12-week campaign ran across 225 SuperSides and formed part of a global campaign for Office 365.

This activity, booked through UM London and Rapport, comprised two different creative executions featuring Office 365 showcase clients, CapGemini and DuPoint. These, and other clients, were seen across a wider campaign that ran on multiple OOH formats, including train, tube, 48 sheets, and also in press and online - all demonstrating the productivity benefits of Microsoft's business solutions.

Watch the full Microsoft video here.

Campaign Goal & Results

Using the free Wi-Fi as a way to promote brand and productivity was at the heart of this campaign; for taxi passengers this was achieved by offering them free Wi-Fi for their journey, accessed via a mobile 'hub'. The hub was a Microsoft mobile site, hosted locally in each taxi, via which all passengers had to pass before being able to access the internet.

This mobile journey ensured that everyone using the Wi-Fi would see the Microsoft content and also allowed those people who found the content relevant to them (the core target audience) to explore the hub further at their leisure.

Target Audience

Working life in 2013 is entirely different to 10 or even five years ago, not least because so many people are working from mobile devices these days. These new business tools are helping people to stay connected with colleagues, share files and arrange video calls, even when away from the offices. These are the people that Microsoft aimed to reach with this campaign - those business influencers who need to work efficiently and maintain productivity, regardless of where they are.

Research Results

During the campaign we invited passengers who had used the Wi-Fi to take part in an online survey about their experience. We received good quality feedback from 110 people, all of whom worked in London or travelled in at least once a week. Through the innovative use of mobile, this campaign successful reached Microsoft's target audience of business decision makers, providing them with the opportunity to explore content via their smartphones at their leisure.

This improved opinion of the Office 365 brand and prompted respondents to talk about the products to others. 50% agreed that having free Wi-Fi made them more likely to explore Microsoft's content; whilst 40% of hub visitors agreed that the experience would make them more likely to consider Microsoft solutions in the future. A further 40% of hub visitors mentioned the Microsoft sponsor to friends and colleagues.


“London continues to be a key player on the world business stage, so helping to ensure the smooth running of the city is an important goal for us. We proudly sponsored the first Wi-Fi connections in London taxis to help provide hard-working people with a way of staying online while dashing about their busy lives. We are delighted that the free taxi Wi-Fi was useful to commuters and especially that they found the content in our mobile hub both relevant and worthwhile."

Philippa Snare, CMO, Microsoft