Case Study: Carmex

Campaign Details

To help celebrate their 75th anniversary, Carmex incorporated a twitter competition into their fun and quirky creative. With the knowledge that social media plays a key role in how consumers find and share brands, Carmex asked passengers and the general public to tweet pictures of the taxis, for a chance to win branded goodies. The competition not only increased activity on the Carmex twitter page, it also gave the campaign an extra edge.

Target Audience

Shoppers and tourists across the capital.

Campaign Goal & Results

The brands goal was to communicate its fun and quirky products to shoppers and tourists in the capital. The core objective for Carmex was to have their branded taxis driving around during the busiest time of the year in London, with their product being spotted during a key seasonal time when lips are exposed to the cold, resulting in dry and sore lips. The competition not only created a 38% increase in activity, between Nov 2012-Jan 2013, on their Twitter page, it also gave the campaign an extra edge, allowing them to be the solution people turned to during a key seasonal period.


"London continues to be one of the most popular destinations for Christmas shoppers across the world, so capturing the attention of these consumers is a key focus for us. Both black cabs and the Carmex® brand are worldwide icons and the combination of the two will help our brand to dominate the streets with an instantly recognisable burst of colour. Taxi advertising will not only showcase the quirky side of the brand, but also will captivate the attention of consumers from all walks of life when retail stores selling Carmex® products are in easy reach."

Farrah Gray, UK Communications Manager, Carmex