Case Study: Just Eat: Find Your Flavour


Just Eat, the UK’s leading online food order and delivery service has been a Ubiquitous client since 2014, when they staked a claim over London’s streets by booking Livery taxis in London.  Creating brand awareness and generating app downloads were top priority in 2014, but since then the brand has moved from market newcomer, to household name.

Target Audience

Being a brand that fulfils a desire to order takeaway food, Just Eat is focused on reaching and acquiring an audience who frequently dip into their pockets for the convenience of having someone else do the cooking.  This includes ABC1 adults who like to plan a night in with a takeaway, as well as those who are time-poor and find themselves ordering a takeaway on the spur of the moment.  Additionally, the Find Your Flavour campaign is aimed at urbanites who are serious taste-seekers; those who like to experiment and try new foods.

Taxi Strategy

Taxi advertising plays a key role in the long-term strategy; taxis are effective at reaching a time-poor city-centre audience with money to spare. Taxis are active within the ‘social villages’ of a city, reaching people who are experimental and early adopters. Just Eat is running taxis with Ubiquitous in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. Their ambition is to encourage their target audience to experiment with take-away food, not only trying new flavours but encouraging their audience of loyal customers to think outside the box during the workday and tap the Just Eat app for a working lunch or mid-week dinner.

Client Comment

‘Our long-term strategy with Ubiquitous has delivered us great stand-out in London, a key market for us. Our striking and iconic taxis keep Just Eat front of mind on London’s streets in key areas and at key times of the day. Taxis play a pivotal role in our media mix and are a vital awareness driving platform for us.’ 

Ben Carter, UK Marketing Director, Just Eat

Agency Comment

'We deemed taxis ideal to launch Just Eat’s rebrand, the format lent itself well to conveying a 360 degree view of their new branded colour wheel, symbolising the underpinning strategy of ‘food for every mood’. While they gave us a sense being ‘local’ to our newly targeted cities, they provided continuous, always-on visibility and last mile presence - crucial for the ever-changing online takeaway market. We see taxis as an integral part of our media plan, allowing the brand to be top of mind in the face of an increasingly competitive category.’

Pete McRae, Account Manager, m/SIX