Case Study: Clinique: Chubby In The Nude


In March 2016, Talon Outdoor and M2M Media planned a London campaign for Clinique, one of Estee Lauder Companies’ leading beauty brands. The activity needed to reach ABC1 Women aged 18-34; in particular those who were working and shopping in London’s West End, or visiting malls where the product, Chubby in the Nude, was available nearby.

The activity aimed to spike awareness and interest in the new Chubby in the Nude foundation stick, whilst promoting the beauty product as an every-day, portable must-have for the handbag.

Media Strategy

The agencies proposed a combination of DEPs at London West End and Knightsbridge tube stations, reaching women working close to department stores and high street retailers, with Mall digital and static 6-sheets, including those in Bluewater and Westfield. This targeted, proximity-led two-week plan would over-index against the audience and guarantee vital support of key retailers, whilst delivering 20% audience cover, with an excellent campaign frequency of 20.

Adding Taxis

Route data has revealed that London taxi advertising over-indexes against this audience and delivers the potential to reach 8/10 ABC1 Women aged 18-34, every two weeks. Ubiquitous argued that taxi advertising would extend audience reach in and around London’s main retail areas, where these economically active young women would be working, socialising and of course, shopping.

We proposed a four-week light-weight campaign of 250 SuperSide taxis, delivering a cost-efficient solution to reaching more than 60% of the available audience.

Campaign Performance

Talon and M2M executed the integrated SuperSide taxi, mall and tube plan, delivering an improved audience reach of 62% and a frequency of 15.

By adding SuperSide taxis, the Clinique campaign reached an additional 336,000 ABC1 Women aged 18-34, with an incremental cover gain of 43%.

Client Comment

‘The portability of our new launch, Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick, was a key selling point we wanted to highlight. Our objective was to target our consumer when she’s out-and-about and a portable foundation would be of interest and relevant. The SuperSide taxis fulfilled this objective and also provided brand visibility. We were particularly pleased with the scope of branding included in the package, with the opportunity to advertise on the internal tip-seats and taxi receipts. The Ubiquitous team are collaborative, efficient and friendly - we would recommend their services.’
Natalie Clarke, Marketing Director, Clinique UK

Agency Comment

‘We know that taxi advertising in London is excellent at delivering high reach of an audience with a city-centre lifestyle. Taxis frequent areas where the Clinique target audience are working and socialising, efficiently reinforcing our proximity-based plan of digital on the Underground and in Malls. The proposal from Ubiquitous was a solid media argument, which enabled us to up-sell OOH to our client by demonstrating that taxis would deliver significant additional audience cover.’
Spyros Maliadis, Head of Insight, Talon Outdoor.